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On Hourglasses and Jewellery

by dennisegilchrist

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Does time matter to you? Well it did to the people of old.  They were aware of measuring time and this was done through the hourglass.  This instrument first came into the picture in the 8th Century when a monk by the name of Luitprand who served in the Cathedral Chartres, France.  This instrument is called the hourglass.   It is made from two vertical bulbs that are connected allowing a regulated trickle of material from the top bulb to the bottom bulb.  When the top bulb is emptied, the hourglass may be inverted to begin another countdown.  The following are factors that will affect the time measured and they are the width of the neck, the size of the bulbs and the quality of the sand.  Eggshell and powdered marble may take the place of sand.   Hourglasses were used and preferred by seamen because it was more reliable than the clepsydra or the water clock.  They preferred the hourglass to the clepsydra because a change in temperature would cause the condensation of the liquid.  The hourglass was not only used by seamen, it was also used on land in churches – to time the sermon, in homes – for cooking purposes and in the workplace to measure the time spent for the break.

A jeweller is someone who makes, repairs and sells necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and watches.  An hourglass jeweller is someone who makes, sells and repairs watches and other time pieces.  Watches are considered jewellery- one of the few exceptions.  It is a useful piece of  jewellery.

For jewellery to look good and appealing, it should be designed and created properly using the proper material – the precious metal and the gemstone.  Every Australian Jewellery designer has a style of her/his own.  They not only design but must also be able to relate well with the client.  Good rapport would surely help both the designer and the client.  The client may have some specifications for the jewellery designer.  With good rapport, the designer should be able to tell the client whether the specification given is feasible.  These designers may also be jewelers.  They too may be knowledgeable not only in design but also in gemology.  He/she render original designs.  A jewellery designer is one who is capable of creating, crafting and fabricating designs for the jewellery.

There are numerous kinds of jewellery.  Some may be fine jewellery and others may be costume jewellery.  Fine jewellery is a piece of jewelry set on gold, silver, white gold, platinum and titanium.

After going around different jewelry stores in Australia, a section in the jewellery store had cheap gold rings for sale.  What are cheap gold rings? They are gold rings that are made from 8k to 14k gold.  These rings may be cheaper because of the gold content of the rings.  These rings may be purchased straight from the jewelry store or purchased through online.  Before purchasing any jewellery, there are things that should be considered like the budget, the type of metal and the gemstone.  Then before letting go of the money, get to know the refund and return policy of the jewelry store.  Should the purchase be online, verify if the online jewelry store is trustworthy.


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