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A Magento Agency: What it offers and Why Magento is the Best

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Many budding entrepreneurs take to the internet these days because it is- on many occasions- easier to do business there. But, before actually setting up your online business, you need an awesome website that will reflect your business ethics and showcase your amazing products/services. So, who do you call to create this amazing website? A magento agency, of course.

What is a Magento Agency?

Magento is an e-commerce system that is perfect for any online business. Magento is pretty much dominating the e-commerce technology world online and with good reason. We will see those reasons soon enough.

Now, a magento agency will design your website in such a way that you will not only enjoy the feature-rich magento e-commerce system, you also get to have an excellent user-friendly, search engine-friendly website. You could try doing it yourself, but some parts of it can be quite difficult to handle, which is why hiring a magento agency is a good idea. Speaking of which, look for a web design company that is also a partner of Magento. This means that they definitely know what to do.

Why Use Magento?

Magento, as mentioned afore, has a lot of features which make it so popular. They are listed below:

• Open source platform: The first thing you need to know is that magento has an open source platform. This means that the magento agency, which is handling your website, can jazz it up or fix tiny errors quite quickly. This is possible because Magento has made public its code.

• Feature-rich: One of the most endearing things about Magento is that it is feature-rich. They make buying, selling and perusing products very easy. A good magento agency also knows that Magneto’s flexibility will allow them to add or delete any feature, as per your convenience. Product browsing, catalog browsing, order management and search optimization are just the tip of the iceberg.

• Low Number of Errors: Magento does not have as many bugs as Zen Cart or OSCommerce. No matter the number of things you add-on to your e-commerce site, Magento is flexible enough to handle the changes. Also, the errors are easier to fix on Magento.

Magento and Wordpress

When Magento first entered the picture, it had stiff competition, thanks to the numerous other e-commerce platforms out there. But, soon enough, it left competition far behind. However, it still faces competition from Wordpress.

Sure, they are both free and have open-source platforms. But, Wordpress is appropriate only for small businesses with very few products to sell. It can’t really handle large e-commerce sites. But, as your Magento agency will tell you, Magento can handle both small and large businesses. Even Drupal now has a Magento add-on. Plenty of e-commerce sites have shifted to Magento, and Magento makes these shifts easy.

Now that you have your basic idea of Magento down pat, you should hunt down a good magento agency, have a talk with them and get to work on that website.

Looking to hire a Magento agency? Look no further than One Creations ( ), a web design company and a Magento partner. For more information on Magento, visit Magento Commerce.

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