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Things To Do After Having An Abortion

by jonesmichelle08

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People know the basics of abortion, but most often than not, they do not know the three stages of the procedure. But then again, supposedly you are knowledgeable about some of the stages; will that knowledge be sufficient enough for you to stay safe throughout the whole process? Reality is that, the pre-abortion and abortion stages are the only ones that seem to cause a stir to some people’s curiosity--including you, perhaps--leaving post-abortion the least known and the least tackled stage. But if you think you’ll never say hello again to your abortion clinic after going out from a procedure, you are wrong!

1) Going back for check-ups

There you go! I said it. The most critical stage for women, who have undergone abortion, is the first two weeks following the procedure. Tests have to be conducted, like pregnancy test, and D&C (if the situation requires it). This will make sure nothing goes wrong and that there is no infection in the uterus. If you go to an abortion clinic that offers the best medical care, they would surely give you advice to come back for check-up. You need to heal properly to avoid complications that will definitely empty your savings. That’s why, it’s really important to keep in touch with your doctor! Not only that. You should follow the doctor’s prescription too. It’s for your own good!

2) Avoiding physical stress

Physical stress won’t do you good. I tell you, if you think you can easily go back to your afternoon badminton matches right away, or whatever physical activity you enjoy doing, I’ll break it to you gently. You still cannot do it. The post-abortion stage is meant for resting and healing. Lifting some heavy stuff isn’t advisable. You are also discouraged to use or do something that may irritate your reproductive organ--that means no tampons, no swimming, and no sexual activity. Well, technically, these aren’t rules, but they are well-researched tips for a safer and faster recovery. You can ask your doctor in your chosen abortion clinic about the things I’ve mentioned above. Most likely, you’d get a nod or a thumbs up.

3) Undergoing emotional instability

Aside from the physical hang-ups, you must prepare yourself for a series of personal emotional turmoil. If you’ve gotten the point of thinking your whole world is crushing down, hang on a bit. It is not. Post-abortion depression, although it does not happen to all, is pretty normal. That familiar feeling of guilt and regret you probably felt before you decided on the procedure? It comes back in the post-abortion stage sometimes. But that’s what your abortion clinic is for. To give you counsel at the lowest point in your life. Don’t fret! These negative emotions I am referring to only happen to 5% to 30% of women. That means, it doesn’t happen to all.

So there you have it! Don’t forget the third stage. For all you know, it is the longest and hardest period to handle. Just put yourself together through the help of friends, families and the medical professionals in your abortion clinic. If you haven’t found one yet, try looking up in the internet and read the reviews. I heard there are lots of good ones in Virginia!

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