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What is the role of tanning bed lotions in indoor tanning?

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Most people get their tans the natural way, that is, by lying in the sun or just by working outdoors for a long time. But what if you want a tan at a time when the sun isn't bright enough or you don't have the time to sun yourself adequately to get the tan you want? You could go to a tanning salon. A tanning salon subjects you to UV rays similar to those you'd receive from the sun but the difference is that you'll spend much less time in the salon than you'd spend in the sun to achieve the same tan. You will lie on a tanning bed beneath a tanning lamp that emits UV rays for several minutes. Your tan will subsequently begin to show about 24 hours later.



Before you begin the tanning process you need to apply a tanning bed lotion. Tanning bed lotions are very important for indoor tanning and you shouldn't attempt to tan without applying one. These lotions are necessary for several reasons. First of all, they hasten the tanning process so that you will spend less time on the tanning bed. Remember that tanning salons use UV rays which you shouldn't expose yourself to for long because they can burn your skin. To help you tan faster, tanning bed lotions contain a substance called tyrosine that helps in the formation of melanin, the pigment which will make your skin darker. Lotions may have other forms of bronzers all of which will work together to give you a good tan while minimizing the time you have to spend on the tanning bed.



The second reason for applying a tanning bed lotion is to moisturize your skin. Look for moisturizing tanning bed lotions that will help to replenish the moisture your skin loses in the tanning process. Your skin should be well moisturized to benefit from exposure to the UV rays yet the same lamps providing these rays also dry out your skin. A good lotion should thus moisturize your skin during and after the tanning session.



The UV rays you'll meet in the tanning salon are not very friendly to the skin. You'll therefore need a lotion that will help to repair and rejuvenate your skin when you come out of the salon. Many tanning bed lotions contain oils and minerals that are essential in rebuilding skin tissue that may have been damaged in the tanning salon. They'll also help to prevent oxidation and formation of free radicals. Always look for lotions that are enriched with plant extracts such as aloe vera as these are very good for the skin.



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