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De-Stress with Kundalini Yoga DVDs from Maya Fiennes

by gururattana

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Stress has become a part of everyday life for people who live in urban areas or in high stress work environments. Work and family-related stress has deprived many of the opportunity to enjoy life. This has led them to seek various ways of handling stress like Kundalini Yoga. While yoga has become associated with stress management, many people are reluctant to try it. The reasons are varied, but some feel that they have to live near a yoga studio in order to consistently practice yoga. However, the reality is that one doesn’t have to live near a yoga studio to be able to enjoy the many benefits of yoga. There are many online resources that one can utilize in order to learn how to properly do yoga.

One of these online resources is Yoga Technology. Its website,, is a popular online destination for people who would like to know more about yoga in general and Kundalini Yoga in particular. It has hundreds of resources that anyone can use in order to begin his or her path to enlightenment and good health.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient form of yoga. It was brought to the Western world in the late ‘60s by Yogi Bhajan. Today, yoga is practiced by thousands of people around the world. It combines physical poses with relaxation and breathing techniques. It also incorporates meditation, mantras, stretching and movement. There are many benefits of Kundalini yoga including an improved nervous system, expanded lung capacity and a purified bloodstream

Learning Kundalini Yoga is easy. Anyone can log on to and read articles about it, including topics like the benefits of simple yoga exercises. There are also beginners courses offered on the website, as well as ways for individuals to search for yoga teachers or studios in their areas.

Yoga Tech offers numerous yoga related products, including DVDs from renowned Kundalini Yoga teachers like Maya Fiennes. Born in Macedonia and trained as a pianist and performer, Maya has successfully made a career in Kundalini Yoga teaching. Her DVDs are sold online at Yoga Technology and are best suited to individuals who cannot personally see a Kundalini Yogi or attend actual Kundalini Yoga classes. The DVDs are reasonably priced and offer a great alternative to attending Kundalini Yoga classes, in person. People who watch the DVDs learn how to practice Kundalini Yoga in the comfort of their own homes. Visit now to check out their extensive DVD collection.


Mrs. Angie Robinson lives with her husband and two children in Lake Charles, a picturesque city in Louisiana. She operates a boutique and she is a vegan. She loves yoga and can often be found saluting the sun. She believes that everyone should try yoga at least once. Angie is a leading resource about different yoga techniques and disciplines. She writes extensively about Yoga Tech, which can be found at

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