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Therapies for Autism – Making a difference with New Autism T

by swethar

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Autism is a disease or more particularly a disorder and is on the rise throughout the world. Doctors are of the opinion that it is important to get the child examined at the initial stages so that the treatment of the disorder can be carried out early and without delay. The therapies for autism can be carried out once the child is detected early. As per research conducted on autism, particular kind of behavioural therapy known as ESDM is known to cure autism symptoms. It also assists in proper brain functioning.

Autism is generally apparent in a child when the child hands reached three years of age. The main symptoms of autism are problem related to communication, social interaction. According to Geraldine Dawson, who introduced the ESDM therapy is of the opinion that early detection of autism is important to carry on with this therapy. In the case of ESDM therapy behavioural analysis of the child is done between the child and the counsellor. In this therapy any task is broken down to simpler components and the child normally sits with the parents and the therapist.

The new autism treatment in terms of video modelling is carried out in association with the child. Children at encouraged to learn new behaviour and they are also taught to discard the harmful traits in their personality with the help of this therapy.  Other therapies for autism also include "joint attention," which means that the child learns to look at as something once you have looked into it. This process follows where the other child also follows it. Encouragement is given to the child who makes an effort to look at the object.

Several researches related to new autism treatmentin the form of administering Prozac have been conducted that have been quite helpful in treating repetitive behaviour in children. Professor Michael Merzenich at the University of California San Francisco is trying to devise language skills for autistic child which is known as neural training.

New treatment for autism such as sensory motor/environmental enrichment is being carried out. It has been generally observed that children with autism are very sensitive to smell and touch and therefore research is being carried out for enrichment in this particular field. The children showed remarkable positive changes with the enrichment session and their behaviour also changed significantly. Sensory enrichment proved to be quite beneficial for toddlers.

Among the several therapies that are carried out for children affected with autism are speech, physical and occupational therapy. However we must comprehend that these therapies might be started at an early stage for effective results.  Some scientists are hopeful that they might be able to find the cause for autism. However the reason behind autism is still being found out so that this can be controlled.

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