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Way To Reduce The Bad Effect Of Mastrubation In Males

by adultmart

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One important thing that all the male masturbators should keep in mind that excessive masturbation is bad for health. If a person masturbates in very much excess amount then he may get many troubles. All male masturbators should go with normal masturbation. The normal masturbation is done twice or thrice in a week. If anything is done more than that then the sensation of penis is decreased. In addition, other physical harm occurs with excess masturbation. In addition, the bad effects depend upon the style of masturbation. Addiction to masturbation occurs if person masturbates regularly. Addictions to masturbation have bad effect on body and mind. At the time of the pleasurable feel during the climax, human brain produces some chemicals. Endorphin is like a chemical that is produced in the brain of a person during orgasm. This feels best to a addicted masturbator. Therefore, addiction to masturbation is similar to addiction to drug. Masturbation is a quick procedure. A person reaches at the climax quickly during masturbation. If becomes a habit then the quick reaching climax will put effect on the real sex life of a person. Therefore, at the time of sex, an addicted man will reach at climax quickly and his female sex partner will remain unsatisfied. If a man stays with no lubricant masturbation then masturbating twice or thrice a week will lead to destroy the most sensitive skin of the penis. Therefore, a man should use some kind of oil during masturbation. By using oil, some damaged skin of penis will be able to be repaired. A regular penis health program should be there to get rid of skin damage of the penis. By this penis, sensation will increase and the sensitivity will not be destroyed.

        All male masturbators are advised to limit the masturbation to maximum 3 times in a week. Always try to know the masturbation time by checking during masturbation. Refer to all the possible way to increase the penis sensation. During massage of oil before masturbation apply oil from the from the base and apply slowly. With this process masturbate slowly and take more to reach the climax. By this process penis sensation will develop. Which will help you to have a good sex and your partner will be satisfied during intercourse. For better penis health, some penis health crème is available in the market. Regularly use these crèmes and some penis health oils to reduce the damage of skin. This will help in neuron rejuvenation.

        Penis health products contain minerals, vitamins and amino acids that help in keeping the skin of the penis healthy. All male masturbators are required to use the oil and crème that is advised by a doctor. All persons masturbate to fulfill the urge of sex. Nowadays it has become a normal thing. Now the number of sex information, sex videos and graphics on the internet are increased. It is not a thing to be astonished that how much time a person masturbates daily. Due to the availability of these sexual contents, masturbation has been increased.

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