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Why Urine Drug Testing in Kansas City is Efficient

by tashaboone

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Your urine will be most likely the first thing to be looked at if someone wishes to search for traces of cocaine or marijuana in your system. Urine drug screens (UDS), as they're often referred to as, are popular for their high accuracy in recognizing substance abuse. In spite of their precision, though, many say that the tests can be easily manipulated and that this can instantly alter the results.

Drug testing in Kansas City comes in the form of a number of processes: blood alcohol tests, hair and saliva tests, and so forth. Reliability in drug screening can be identified by a variety of factors, such as the kind of drug concerned and the length of window days. Ultimately, flawed readings can be blamed on either a faulty tester and a faulty sample.

There are two methods to perform a UDS: through testing kits and through EMIT-GCMS. Testing kits like cassettes and cups can find common drugs like marijuana, nicotine, opiates, and cocaine for a friendly price. The results are usually made available in a few minutes and can be done at home (the test is done by a qualified tester if it's carried out in the office).

The other type of UDS is the EMIT-GCMS, which is a combination of two UDS procedures as mandated by federal law. The enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT) is stage one of this joint method that uses antibodies to absorb substances. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GCMS), stage two, functions as a fail-safe should EMIT missed some details.

Some people try to tamper with their urine, mainly by diluting, but the testing methods have gone through big changes to promote precision above all else. For instance, GCMS has been acclaimed for being a specific test, and has actually proven to be an essential procedure in the field of forensics. These days, normal urine stands a better chance at passing a UDS than a faulty one, which will just get you in trouble.

To find out more about ways in which drug testing in Kansas City is performed, consult with your local drug testing company. You can also check out associated articles at for more information.


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