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Effects Of Masturbation For Male Masturbators

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For male masturbators the best way to masturbate is to lie on bed facing to the sky on your back. In this way, the head of your penis will point towards the sky or towards your face. Some persons use a shower to get sexual satisfaction. In this process, the male masturbators some time take a hand shower and the flow of water is pointed to your penis. By doing this, the stimulation of your penis is done. Some people want to masturbate by flowing warm water on the sensitive head of their penis. The sensitive head of the penis is called as glans. The climax of masturbation during warm water spraying on the penis head gives a better feel. Some people love to masturbate during watching porn movies. At this time, they usually sit in front of the computer or a television. There are many other procedures for male masturbation. Some men love to stimulate the male G-spot. The stimulation of the male G-spot is pleasurable job. The male G-spot is nothing but the prostate gland. This prostate gland is situated at the anal canal. Maximum people like to stimulate the male G-spot during the orgasm. Do not forget that masturbation is a natural way to have self-stimulation. You may prefer to any of the techniques you know. If you feel better with different tools and household, appliances then be aware. Never feel that masturbation is a worst thing. Never be worried about the bad effect of it on health. Keep in mind that it has no bad effect. So throw these nonsense views from your mind. Masturbation never causes heart disease, cancer, or any other sexual disease like fall off the penis. It is an equal thing as doing sex with a partner. The only difference is that you have sex by your own. It is not a thing that causes homosexuality.


We all get knowledge about how to masturbate from very earlier time of our puberty. This habit remains with us and it increases with the increment of our age. The process of masturbation permits both female and male masturbators to have knowledge about sex. However, masturbation is not bad but doing it in excess may cause to various demerits. With the excess of masturbation, the sensitivity of penis decreases. In case of male doing, masturbation in excess affects the nerves and small capillaries. The capillaries are normally present on the skin of the penis. The skin of the penis becomes thick and it losses the sensation power to some extent.


In addition, male masturbators should remember that excess masturbation causes excessive production of the body hormones. This causes loss in penis erection and hormonal stress. Loss in penis erection means the erection of penis does not occur according to the requirement. Loss of erection results abnormal orgasms. We all know that abnormal orgasms are not enjoyable. Anything in excess not good. Therefore, a balanced life requires a balanced sex, balanced diet and balanced sleep. Balanced sex may be masturbation. It is also a sex.


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