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We have seen women creating their distinctive identity in the world of fashion, entertainment and hospitality. With their sheer confidence, willfulness and determination, they have carved a niche for themselves in this men dominated world. Scaling new heights with passion and making a move towards unexplored territories, there are hardly any barriers in their path that they cannot surmount with their persistent and relentless efforts. They have faced hurdles in the form of discrimination, lack of capital or expectation of striking a perfect balance between family and work, but they have passed every test with flying colours. Taking the hurdles to be the stepping stones to success, they have moved with a positive, with their spirits soaring high. Time and over again, women have proved and are proving that they deserve to lead not only their homes, but also the competitive corporate arenas.


From building relationships at home to managing the staff at a work place, we have seen them spawning their creative ability over the past few decades. In their endeavour to scale new heights, they are now exploring the thriving and competitive world of entrepreneurship as well. Entering the uncertain and unorganised industry of the real estate, there have been examples of insurmountable confidence, belief and transparency to build the dreams for thousands of people. Guninder Singh, Chief Executive at Vipul Group crafted Tatvam Villas, a premium integrated township in Gurgaon, through which she presented a woman’s perception of the world with a perfect balance of artistic and natural beauty. Kruti Jain, Director of a leading Mumbai-Pune based developer, Kumar Urban Development Ltd., received youth icon of the year and corporate social responsibility initiative of the year award under building industry leadership awards, instituted by Builder Information Bureau recently, that established her name in the real estate industry, with a mark of distinction.


In the list of such examples, is a name recently added, that sparkles a promise of a brighter future, with an innovative outlook and focused approach. Karishma Handa, with her real estate entrepreneurial venture, 3Aworld, is all set to redefine the character of the industry with her leadership skills and honest approach.


An ebullient personality, who is highly acknowledged for her intelligence and clear vision, Ms. Handa’s work has been appreciated and praised time and again. Imbibing the values of fairness and transparency, she has an internal charisma to triumph over every hurdle in her path. With grit to surmount the challenges as they come her way, she has been consistently trying to erase the gender gap that has been a buzz for years. Setting a benchmark for the others to follow, her recognition in the real estate world is fast emerging, as that of a futuristic leader.


A postgraduate in business administration from Maharishi Institute of Management, Noida, she was focused in her choice of work since the beginning and put her energies in the right direction, which eventually added to her potent skills. Associated with the company since its inception, she has been leading the company with her vision and leadership. The first leading lady of real estate and a tough business magnet, she does embody a sensitive humanitarian spirit that makes her a perfect blend of poise and power. An excellent business mind with a sharp understanding of the markets, consumer behaviour and effects of globalization, she maintains and enhances the status quo of the company, by new and creative ideas. Adding a feather to her cap was the recent North India Real Estate Awards night at JW Marriott Hotel, Chandigarh by Estate Avenues, where she was felicitated with the “Young Entrepreneur-2013” award. While receiving the prestigious award, Karishma gave the entire credit to her team 3Aworld and said, “It is indeed a pleasurable experience to receive Young Entrepreneur-2013 award and I hope to form a long term association with the pioneers of the real estate industry”. She believes that retaining the best employees is highly important for the success of a company. Her employees have always been an extended family to her. With good response and appreciation from the investors, 3Aworld is aiming high in the future. The main motive of the company being spacious, luxurious and enriched living, is offered to the clients that can enrich their lifestyle.

An effective communicator, Ms. Handa possesses the ability to build and lead the team in the right direction to bring results under stringent situations. Hailing from her hometown in Uttar Pradesh, she is a successful example of women power that dares to shine in the male-dominated world. Her’s is a story that sprouts from humble roots and an upbringing where values and traditions are deeply revered and where selfless service to humanity, a sacred unspoken oath.  Her resume covers praise worthy performances in the training sector with prestigious organisations. She is not only a qualified trainer of voice and accent, but also a naturally gifted writer, having devoted her energy and talent to writing and compiling books for the benefit of toddlers to eighth grade students, currently in the curriculum of approximately 3000 schools across India. Besides literary accomplishments, Ms. Handa is a talented Kathak dancer and has schooled in classical singing. She is also an athlete and an avid sports enthusiast, as well as a true humanitarian who endeavours to provide the under-privileged girl children of her hometown, with the benefit of school education. Hence, as per her directive, 10% of 3Aworld profits are reserved for the upliftment and education of the under privileged girl children of Bilaspur, a town near Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

It can be truly said that 3Aworld is a women driven organization. It promises a brighter future with a focused approach and innovative outlook for the women. Their main aim lies in delineating the creativity, intelligence and excellence of women. With their sheer determination, passion, willfulness and confidence, they are scaling new heights to success.

The better half of Amit Handa, a young and energetic name in the real estate sector, Karishma is the first woman to be at the helm of an advisory and marketing services company in the field of real estate.  A share of this achievement can be rightly dedicated to her husband, as he has served her with the knowledge of his more than one and half decades of experience, which includes his stint as Executive Director-Sales and Marketing (SHRI Group) and other well-known leading firms in the real estate sector. Mr. Amit Handa is also Co-Founder & Director in this new venture. Mr. Handa’s ability to effectively communicate has taught her some of the wisest lessons needed in the entrepreneurial world.

If one wonders how such an articulate, well mannered, highly educated woman with a love for sketches and paintings, manages to be in charge of a high voltage environment, which till date has been a men’s club, one yet has not been acquainted with the nerves of steel and the leadership qualities that define Karishma Handa, the strenuous entrepreneur. Her positive attitude and proactive approach at work, help motivate and foster the team members. With her utter dedication and hard work, 3Aworld has started forming a niche for itself in the real estate sector.

Believing in the power of in-depth knowledge, she has inculcated a performance based culture in her organisation that consistently works towards the evolving needs with end to end solutions and superior services. Strongly guided by the core values that ensure customer satisfaction, Ms. Handa has created a Marketing Services Company on which the customers can totally rely and that runs on ethical and standard business transactions. She relishes the pleasures that her customers experience and takes pride in everything they achieve.

Coming up with her latest project ‘SHRI Radha SkyGardens’, in collaboration with SHRI Group, Ms. Handa has earned the trust of her customers already. Strategically located in Greater Noida West, SHRI Radha SkyGardens is one of the most unique ventures present, till date, in this part of the world. This project offers its buyers a wide range of lifestyle and recreational options, which are made available by SHRI Radha SkyGardens within the boundaries of this plush project. The name SkyGardens suits this project beautifully, because of the presence of pleasantly created terrace gardens, which are located on the terraces of mammoth towers, which form the basic design of this architectural marvel. The person or agency to be applauded for the design and architecture of this project, is the internationally renowned architect Hafeez Contractor and his team of seasoned architects. The designer and his team have vast experience in designing unique high rise structures, which are of top quality. SkyGardens is a period ahead from the commonly created designs in India. The most beautiful part of the design of the project is the large and wide bay windows, which give an onlooker a beautiful vista to look over a vast and unending expanse of lush greens.

The insides of SHRI Radha SkyGardens are superiorly designed to accommodate spaces in such a manner that the greens and living spaces, each, get proper accommodation inside the project. A premium project is incomplete till the time it isn’t placed at a premium address. That is the reason, SHRI Radha SkyGardens is located near the commercial pockets and shopping complexes located in Greater Noida West. The outsides of SkyGardens have a circumference of 130 meters wide road, which further connects this place to most of the important North Indian cities. The apartments vary in sizes and designs with sizes varying from 1182 sq. ft. to 3135 sq. ft., along with various apartment options such as 2 BHK, 2 BHK + study, 3 BHK and 4 BHK.

The next best feature of SHRI Radha SkyGardens is the plush fittings and furnishings, which are used in construction of these beautiful pieces of art. Proper care has been taken while the construction and appropriate provisions are made for features like split air-conditioning and fixed line connections. Sparkling water bodies are spread around the manicured lawns, through which run planned jogging tracks to refresh and revitalise the early risers. This lush green landscape spreads over an area of approx. 14 acres with the lofty towers standing at appropriate places, accounting for 80% of the entire area.

More lifestyle features are fitted inside the campus of SHRI Radha SkyGardens like club houses, indoor and outdoor sports options, conference halls and other such aids. Altogether, this is a premium housing project, which becomes the best address to live in.

A Mathura region based realty major; SHRI Group is a legendary name known for its world-class real estate projects. At present, apart from Mathura, SHRI Group is dealing with various stages of land acquisitions in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune and Baroda etc. with a view to set up a special trend in providing integrated real estate projects. It is the foremost and the most trusted real estate developer in the entire Mathura region with a presence for almost 80 years. The group was founded in 1931 with value-based practices, customer-oriented policies and commitment to social responsibilities. Known for its quality and on-time delivery of real estate projects in Mathura, the group has successfully accomplished various real estate projects in Mathura and a number of new projects are currently ongoing. Some of the major projects in SHRI Group’s kitty include: SHRI Radha NRI Greens-Vrindavan; SHRI Radha Florence-Vrindavan; SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhara-Goverdhan; SHRI Radha Golf-Goverdhan; SHRI Radha Valley-NH-2, Mathura; SHRI Radha City-Goverdhan Road, Mathura; SHRI Group’s Highway Plaza-Delhi-Agra Road; SHRI Radha Town-Mathura; SHRI Radha Orchid-Mathura; SHRI Radha Puram-Mathura; SHRI Radha Puram Estate-Mathura; SHRI Jamuna Dham-Mathura; SHRI Radha Vintage-Mathura.

Initiating her venture with such a renowned name is sure to add quality and status to Karishma Handa’s project. At 3Aworld, she believes in transforming the expertise and experience of her talented work force towards creating awe-inspiring developments for her customers. For her, mere handling of the project to the customer is not an achievement; delivering him the promise of his investment and capital appreciation is. Unlike other realty players in the country, 3Aworld is here to deliver the confidence and gather the praises. Ms. Handa believes that this is just the beginning and there are a lot of milestones to be conquered. She is now totally committed to take her venture 3Aworld Infracon Pvt. Ltd. to new heights. 

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