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Peru holidays – Peru vacations packages and taking tours

by RiverExplorers

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If you are looking for a vacation spot and you have a great sense of adventure, you may consider booking one of the many Peru vacations packages.  There are so many to choose from and they all take you to amazing places in Peru.  You will get to experience adventure and see the historic culture that has stood the test of time.


One of the most popular things to do is book one of the tours of Machu Picchu.  There are many different tours that take you to different areas surrounding Machu Picchu.  Some will have you trekking through the Andes Mountains, where others will have you biking through the Amazonian rain forest.


You can even white water raft down one of the many rivers that offer level II, III, or IV rapids.  You will even get the option to setup camp with your group during your tour.  Just about all the tours of Machu Picchu end in the ancient city with tours of the infamous citadel.  The views from Machu Picchu are well worth the efforts.


Another site you will be able to see on your Peru holidays is the majestic Colca Canyon.  It is a natural canyon much like the Grand Canyon in the United States, but it is twice the size.  It has been made by the Colca River and is lush with greenery and various wildlife.  You will likely see many condor nests around the canyon.


Another historical place you may see on your Peru holidays is Lake Titicaca.  It is located in the Andes Mountains and has the highest elevation of any other lake in the world.  It is actually bordered by Bolivia, as well as Peru.  It actually has two parts that are connected by the Strait of Tiquina.  Its serene beauty and its amazing grace is second to none.


The Peru vacations packages also offer you tours of the Sacred Valley.  It gives you incredible views of the Andes Mountains along with winding roads to walk along.  You get to view all of the incredible Incan architecture that has held its ground for centuries.  It is such a marvel that these structures are still standing.


One of the less explored architectural marvels is Huchuy Qosqo.  It was thought to be a fortress of relaxation for the Incan king Pachacutec.  It is surrounded by tiny villages and majestic mountains.  Taking one of the Peru vacations packages that includes a tour of Huchuy Qosqo is definitely a great choice.


There are so many tours of Machu Picchu to choose from when you book your holiday.  The good news is that you can’t pick the wrong one.  They are all full of ancient history, majestic beauty, and incredible adventure.  No matter which you choose, you will have incredible memories of your adventures.


About Us: River Explorers is a privately owned Peruvian travel company that has been in business since 2001.  They offer travel packages that include white water rafting, trekking, and biking.  The guides are all locals that have been providing tours for years.  Start your adventure by visiting them online at and choose which adventure is right for you.

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