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Transformer Tests – A Brief Guide on Tests done at Factory

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Proper functioning of a
transformer crucially varies based on a range of inter-aligned factors. From
manufacturing at factory to installation at site; a transformer – regardless of
types - revolves around stages of development; step by step.  The core thing that decides its effectiveness
is testing. For a transformer to perform consistently well, it is urgently
essential for a manufacturer to periodically test its functionalities during
the development phase and after installation. Sometimes, an urgent test is
unavoidable in case the transformer begins to malfunction or behaves wired.

Types of tests

Tests at factory – Type Test,
Routine Test, and Special Test

Tests at site - Pre Commissioning
Tests, Periodic/Condition Monitoring Tests and Emergency Tests

This article will brief you with
the former ones i.e., Tests done at factory. Please wait for our next article
on information about tests done at site.

Here we go:

Type test

To ensure a transformer fits
customer’s standalone requirements and design expectations, a transformer
usually meets uniquely diversified variety of testing processes. Type test is
held on first prototype of product to ensure the design specifications. Other
products of same nature may not meet the same test. This is an individualized
test catered to a specific product to ensure its customary functionality,
design specifics are at par with the demand.

Routine test

This test caters to standalone unit
in a production lot. It ensures operational performance. The test is deemed
before a Transformers
is dispatched to its installation
site. Routine test is conducted to ensure the unit can be installed with
defined regulations.

Special test

Special test are done to gather
useful information that could lead a customer to beneficial solution for
maintenance of transformer. Transformer if tested specially could be for
catering a demand of any customer. The results gathered from the test is
circulated to the client for future use.  

The tests conducted observe
operating conditions and operating environment, the severity of the load.
Periodic rating should be recorded to document any important information. To
learn more about transformer testing, transformer suppliers, transformers
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