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What is the lymphatic weight-loss surgery nutrients so eat

by zixiutangstore

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 Lymphatic circulation is smooth is the key to enhance the metabolism, more closely linked with weight-loss, beauty, want to repel edema, local obesity, it started from!

   Lymph in the body of the role of the lymphatic It is humoral 1, also known as white blood. The human body through the constriction of blood vessels diastolic blood will absorb nutrients from the food to the cells, and the old waste. Lymphatic and blood vessels in parallel, as the work of recycling wastes in the body, excess water, and if the blood on the waterways to transport nutrients, lymph is responsible for the recovery of the body of waste sewer.

   Lymphatic obstruction will lead to easy fat physique lymphatic circulation function is reduced, it will cause a variety of unpleasant physical symptoms, especially with getting fat factors ... cellulite, edema, hypothermia has a close relationship Oh!
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   1 low cellulite lymphatic Activities function, let the cells in the old waste accumulation, deterioration, the formation of cellulite, if the laissez-faire attitude persists, will squeeze the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, cellulite symptoms more severe Oh!

   Edema, blood vessels, cells often oozing a small amount of water, and lymphatic shoulder the task of recovery, so once lymphatic obstruction can not be recycled excess moisture, causing edema, you must pay attention to Oh!

   Hypothermia lymphatic circulation is not smooth, so the excess moisture accumulation of cells, also contributed to the reasons for the decline of the local temperature, and will be accompanied to poor circulation, you can not burn fat raw materials delivered to the cells, and the formation easy fat physique. The possibility of lymphatic obstruction will result in easy fat physique, serious cases may cause cancer! The lymphatic system and the excessive accumulation of toxins, not clean and smooth, serious congestion, it will destroy the immune system, causing swollen lymph glands, the formation of lymphoid lesions of the crisis, we must pay more attention!

   Want lymph flow, it is necessary to intake can increase metabolism, promote the old waste water discharge, to enhance the operation of the hormonal performance nutrients, helping Come see what food!

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