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The Role of Bicycles in India

by anonymous

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Bicycles in India have always been an important mode of transport and still are today.  There are still many villages and suburbs where public transportation has not reached as much as required.  The few that have managed to infiltrate the quiet countryside are far between as a result are often too crowded or unreliable.  As a result, many people prefer to be self-dependant and the bicycle has become an important aid in this journey.  In the earlier days, there were very select bicycle companies in India and mostly providing basic, city bikes. However, times have changed and now many national and international companies are jostling for space in the ever-growing Indian market.

When you consider the history of bicycles in India, only recently has the concept of mountain bikes become a household term.  In the earlier times, only the professional riders perhaps new about them, the common man was happy with his sturdy city bikes.  Kids would learn riding on their parent’s bicycle, which might have been handed down for generations.  How kids learned to ride in a bicycle twice their size, is a lesson one can only learn in India.  It is nothing short of adventure sports!  You might still find a quite a few of them but now the concept of kid’s bicycles and mountain bicycles are no longer alien.

Now, Indian and international brands are catering to the high demands for mountain bicycles in India.  People have learned that the bicycle can be pushed to many levels of speed and have awoken to the realisation that it is not a mere means of travel.  You will find even domestic companies are segmenting their products into the distinct divisions.  You will find different categories for city bicycles and mountain bicycles and the mountain bicycles are also sub-divided into classic categories like dual suspension, hard tails and rigid.  The world renowned Shimano parts are being used in the bicycles in India.

However, you will find that the sub-divisions are not as varied as you might find in any other countries across the globe.  That is because bicycling as a sport is not as popular in India as it is in other countries.  You will find many marathon races, mountain races, inter-city bike tours and even intra-city bike drives but things like dirt jumping and freestyle are not as popular.  Even if it is, it might be limited among a much selected group.  Even so, given that the Indian subcontinent has a diverse mix of terrains, many of which involve rocky roads, the mountain bicycles are slowly becoming a favourite.  Many are trading their bicycles for mountain bicycles in India, so it is safe to predict that the future of bicycles is pretty safe in India, what say?

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