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Secrets of Creating Amazing Online Portfolios

by pixpadesign

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In this world of digital marketing, online portfolios are one of the best platforms to showcase your talent across the world. Whether you are a Graphic designer, or a photographer, a fashion designer or a web developer. In order to market yourself and set a brand for yourself, you need to design a portfolio that will make you appealing to your clients and they will say, “God, I want to meet him in person”. 

Here are some of the secrets that you should follow for creating an amazing portfolio.

• Make it easy to use
• Make the design appealing, do something to catch the client’s attention
• Make the theme appropriate
• Think in advance
• Don’t go for the cheap themes

Making the portfolio easy to use is very important. Use an integrated navigation system, create links between pages. Bridge one category with another. This will make the client stay on your website more and more and will give them the leverage to see more stuffs than they planned to see. Use online platforms like Pixpa, it is one of the most popular platfrom for creating portfolios and the ease of use for the websites made by Pixpa are better than any other websites.

Try to make the website look appealing. The use of flash and bright colors are not the ultimate solution. Add a video in the intro page. People like watching videos rather than reading 300 words of promos. A picture tells a thousand words. Add some pictures that will easily catch the viewer’s attention.

Make the theme appropriate. If you are a fashion designer, you might want to include a theme that has something to do with fabrics, if you are a vintage photographer, your website should have a retro and classic feelings. If you are a model photographer, your website should be appealing and be made using the shades of bright colors. Do not use flash, these days people tend to visit the website more with their mobile devices and the use of flash will not work and will make the website die in front of them, Creating a mobile version of your website might help you a lot.

Think in advance, the purpose of your portfolio, is it just a showcase for your work? Or will you receive more credits for your website. Will this website work to enhance a brand for your name? Think about the quality of services. Think twice of the promises you make. Will you be able to keep those promises?

Do not go cheap with the theme. The theme of your website tell a lot about your taste and your insights. Try to purchase premium themes, it will not cost you too much, however if you use free themes, there is a huge probability that others have used the same theme too. So do not just go cheap on the themes.

If you cannot design a portfolio on your own, then try to hire a professional, or you can use some online platforms, like already mentioned, for creating portfolios. Those are pretty cheap and can come in handy.

Pixpa is a great platform to create photography portfolio websites that helps you to share your work via your online portfolio. It has 100 of preset designs and easy admin panel that makes creating a portfolio easier.


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