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Duties of Entertainment Managers Like Russ Herriott

by shanamillikan

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When you see actors performing in movies, shows or commercials, do you ever question how they emerged so artistically engaged in their professions, hurrying from one audition to another, nabbing guest spots or roles in shows without missing a beat?? The truth is most, if not all of them, have their profession paths—and schedules—drawn up by entertainment managers such as Russ Herriott of SEI. Right here's a behind-the-scenes look at the things entertainment managers do.

There are several managers around who provide for the needs of aspiring or rising stars, musicians, authors, and others. Not only do they look for auditions, gigs or programs for their clients, but they also normally act as financial experts and PR managers for them. All these obligations are tailored to developing the clients' career and improving their earnings.

Every artist has his or her own professional and personal goals. Actors, for example, may wish to concentrate only on a specific film genre to be part of. Whichever path the client wishes to advocate for himself, the entertainment manager ascertains that he gets a hold of such opportunities (taking advertisement screening shots, acting auditions, television guestings, etc) for the client.

There are times when people in entertainment come upon some bad press. Trivial unfavorable occurrences can throw a client's track record into a hot cauldron of infamy. Damage control is another aspect of an entertainment manager's role. To safeguard his client's investment and his own (when it comes to the client's career run), the manager takes up the job of developing the integrity and public acceptance of his client.

An entertainment manager can also partner with a company, mainly as an events manager. This responsibility requires helping movie production companies, record labels, celebrity groups, among others, organize public events and celebrations. These events are mostly public relations goodwill events to help maintain the acclaim that a client already takes pleasure in.

Russ Herriott of SEI Sports Entertainment International, for instance, has been a manager for several talents and professionals in television. If you think you need guidance in steering your career in a more dynamic direction, you may be better off working with a reputable manager for yourself. To learn more on entertainment managers, browse through

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