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Points to Be Remembered While Using Lace Wigs

by heera1

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Specialties of lace wigs

Wigs are going to be the hair pieces which we can slot in to our head temporarily. By using the wigs we can prefer to different hair styles and hair colors with no dedication. i.e., it is a good solution for hair loss, thinning hair as well as fashion. Lace wig is likely one of the well-liked wigs among the public. Lace wigs have a base made up of lace. It is also referred to as lace front wigs. These have the lace base only at the front. The remaining portion of the base can be made up of a material which can be less susceptible to tearing as in comparison with lace. But in the case of full lace wigs the base can be completely made up of lace. It is frequently made with real human hair or else synthetic hair. So it'll give a natural look.

Steps to fix the lace front wigs & full lace wigs

• To begin with corn your row hair to the back. And then put a stocking cap on it that helps in placing the wig.
• Then clean the forehead almost the hairline with rubbing alcohol. Then place the full lace wig or else lace front wig from the back. And gently press it towards the front to where you want the hair line to fall.
• Fold the front half to the back and apply a thin film of adhesive. Then place the wig to the previous position & gently press it to the head. And wait for some minutes.
• Repeat identical process to the back half also.
• Once the lace front wigs otherwise full lace wigs are correctly fixed. You should use Q-tip with a solvent remover to clean the skin. Be aware while cleaning, because if the solvent touch the wig will probably be lifted from the position.

Steps to get rid of the lace front wigs and full lace wigs

• First step is always to putting the hair in to the high ponytail.
• Then put the solvent remover along the edge of the full lace wig otherwise front lace wigs.
• Massage the hairline until the adhesive can be wetted.
• Then gently lift the wig by means of fingers. If is'nt lifted, apply a number of more solvent to the place where the wig isn't lifted. Continue the process until the wig is totally removed.
• After the wig is totally removed , make use of the solvent plus a towel to entirely remove the residues on the head as well as the wig

Points to be remembered while washing the lace front wigs & full lace wigs

• While we wearing the wig
Do not massage forcefully as we doing with the traditional hair. After washing, towel it gently also it is much better to let it for air dry.

• While the wig just isn't wearing
Run warm water to some tub. Put some shampoo while the water can be flowing. And place the wig in to it because it completely dips in to the water. Dip it out and in until the complete residue removed from the wig.

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