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Importance of a Proper Quran Class For Muslims

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Why does every Muslim need a proper Quran class from childhood itself? Well the answer to this question has been justly given by the Holy Prophet, who once said that the Muslim who learns and teaches Quran is the purest of all. He also said that through the recitation of the Quran all the malice stored in the hearts are washed away.

Why learning Quran is necessary

Taking Quran lesson from childhood is important for two reasons. The first is that no Muslim is spiritually complete without education of the Quran. Learning Quran makes a man a believer in faith. The Quran also tells man how to think and make the right decisions in life. The second reason is that Quran instills in man the importance of education. The Quran repeatedly asks us to start our life with education. Quran teaches us that we come to this world knowing nothing. Allah gave us hearing, sight and wisdom so that we may acquire all the knowledge in this world.

Role of teachers

It is the prime responsibility of a Quran teacher to impart the importance of the Quran to students. A good, learned tutor will make students see how Quran teaches us the right laws, shows us wisdom to lead a successful life, and finally the importance of faith in Allah. In addition to spiritual guidance, the Quran also dictates guidelines for human conduct. It is also therefore the duty of a Quran tutor to instill all those guidelines among the students.

For proper teaching, tutors may take every Quran class in small groups. Tutors should also have one-on-one sessions with every student. They show also conduct small projects so as to demonstrate the applications of Quran’s teachings in real life.

Learning Quran in Arabic

"Quran reading" is a holy task and Allah Almighty says that it is necessary for every Muslim to follow the teachings of Quran in order to succeed in life. Therefore proper Quran classes should emphasize on the accurate recital of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran was originally written in Arabic. Hence the Arabic version of the Quran is very much dear to all Muslims. Therefore it is necessary to Quran classes incorporate Arabic teaching so that the students can learn Arabic rules and understands the translations before beginning to read and recite the Holy Quran.

Online Tutorials on Quran

Many Muslims around the world are unable to receive proper education on Quran because of unavailability of tutors or institutions. In such scenarios, the most appropriate solution is to learn Quran online. There are many internationally famous academy and universities that provide online class taught by qualified teachers direct at home. The biggest advantage of online Quran class is that you can take the lessons anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection.

According to Prophet Muhammad, Quran is Allah’s words in the form of a book sent for the prosperity of mankind. Hence it is the foremost duty of every Muslim to learn the Quran by heart. Many Quran academy provide Quran classes at affordable cost so that every Muslim may learn the teachings of Allah. So if you are a devoted Muslim then enroll your children in one such academy and start giving them Quran class from today.

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