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Learn About Car Modifications - Suspension Lift Kits

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Car modification is something which makes every car enthusiast owner crazy. It makes a person proud while delivering on the cool factor. It doubles up as a serious hobby and is usually a great way to spend hard earned money while also getting to do something creative with other people with similar interests. Of all the modifications that go into a car that is about to be modified or is going to have its existing modifications upgraded, the one that demands the most attention is, suspension.

Our reasoning to make such a claim is based on the fact that the handling of a car is the key to safety. You can never, ever ignore safety. Suspension is the core of the entire safe driving concept for any modification. You can give more to your engine by a variety of means. All this power needs to be harnessed and that harness is suspension.

Lift Suspension

All suspension systems work on the principle of lifting the car about its current height, which in turn gives more room for every possible suspension related benefit.

To state an example, think of the sole of your shoe. The thicker is the sole in your shoe, the more will it absorb the shocks and strains as you walk, run and speed. With a car, it is a similar story. The taller is the upper body of the vehicle from the ground and hence the tyres, there is more room for the car mechanic to include more suspension components. Usually, suspension systems are built using springs, because, springs are naturally used for all sorts of suspension engineering.


One aspect about suspension kits is how it affects the overall height of your vehicle and your reaction to the new height.

When it comes to vehicle height, there are two groups of car owners. There are those who completely hate their vehicles getting any taller. The other group loves that their vehicle has increased in height. In many ways, those who are okay or prefer a taller vehicle are on better grounds if only because, you are not limiting yourself to the type of suspension kit that will make its way to the car.

If you don’t like the car getting any taller, then your options are limited. This is because of the fact that the springs will add some height anyway and if you are going to limit the final height, indirectly you are limiting the kits you can use as well.

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