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This is where they come up wrong

by williambenn

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Many people think writing is different from normal day-to-day discussion. This is where they come up wrong. I will explain it with the help of an example.

Suppose, you see your friends and you walk up to them, and start having normal day-to-day conversation. You stay with them for almost three hours and discussed matters of half the world, and did not even get bored.

You come home and it is time for you to start writing something… you take out the paper and a pen and start thinking what to write.

Well, a note of importance, writing is just like the day-to-day conversation that we do all day. However, the difference is that when we do conversation… it is ‘words in air’ while when we do it on a piece of paper it is ‘words on paper’.

Now as this is understood. We will start on, how to write?

  1. 1.       Think of a topic:

You cannot just go on with the topic and write on anything. You have to decide a topic that fits the topic, has material in it and is in interest of the public.

Whenever you start writing something, ask yourself, who are my readers? When you have found your answer only then you can write in a good way.

  1. 2.       The readers – why are they important?

Readers are the most important factor for every writer. Because if there are no readers to read what he is writing then he is just wasting his time and papers.

To get readers for your write-ups, you have two things. One is the style of your write up and second is the content. Content for all articles is almost the same but written in different manner. Nevertheless, the style is different for every author.

  1. 3.       What style you have?

Therefore, focusing on style is of utmost importance. Using the right style for your write-ups is a good way of expressing yourself. Nevertheless, how will you use the right style, and what do we call the right style? In addition, how can we judge a style right in its manner? The public itself decides all these. Because in a world where we live there is nothing wrong or write except the rules provided by God. It is all the decisions of the masses.

Therefore, in the conclusion, we can say that writing is normal day-to-day communication using a piece of paper. Isn’t it?

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