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Diagnosing Dyslexia Early in Children

by eblcoaching

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The basics of learning start developing as soon as an individual joins a school as a kid. As soon as he becomes a part of an institution, he starts comprehending things around him and subjects taught to him. This is the time when he starts reading, writing, understanding and retaining something using his brains. Children suffering from learning disabilities like dyslexia struggle with these skills and fail to develop strong fundamentals. Learning problems may exist by birth or develop later however if diagnosed at an early stage, children and adults suffering from these problems can be made to learn like normal individuals by using special learning techniques.

Often dyslexic children more skillful than other children of their age but due to a small issue like weak eyesight or hearing disability, they fail to grasp whatever is taught in the classroom. With the help of these special learning techniques, the tutors can assess their hidden skills and then form a custom training program for individual children to help them with developing the basic skills such as reading and writing. So if parents observe any unusual behavior in their children, they should take notice and take them for counseling.

Here are a few symptoms and problems seen in disabled children –

• Disabled children will not be able to learn, read or write with the speed expected from a normal child of their age. This lack of ability makes them fall behind the other students easily. This behavior makes it even more difficult for the teacher to catch them up and provide the needed help.

• In the course of time, students with learning difficulties develop a low self esteem. This keeps them from going forward and reaching to the teacher to ask their queries. Often they become a subject of humor and ignorance among the other children.

• Low self esteem and continuous teasing by others may lead to offensive and violent behavior in such children. They accept their problem as it is and start hiding it with the help of such behavior.

• Children with such difficulties develop a habit to give up easily. In such as condition, they can attempt anything that may leave them and others in an irrecoverable condition.

Such behavior of children is often the main reason why learning disabilities like dyslexia remain undiagnosed until the child gets older. At this stage, it becomes even more difficult to provide the required help to the child. Dyslexia reading program for such children can help them not only learn but also comprehend the things in a way to retain that in mind. Specially trained tutors are able to evaluate the cause of learning disability quickly so that a customized learning program can be formulated for the child. Under these programs, the child is given all the time he needs to learn and understand things with the help of multi-sensory techniques and one-on-one sessions. This way, they will be able to develop strong fundamentals like normal children.

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