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How OOH ads differ from indoor ads?

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OOH ads do not share any animosity with indoor ads. It is choice of the advertiser to choose whichever medium of advertising he wants to select. The variance of medium between OOH ads and indoor ads do not affect the kind of language, creativity or advertising approaches used in both of the mediums. In order to understand the variances between these two mediums of advertising, go through the following paragraphs which explain how OOH ads differ from indoor ads.

Difference in advertising media

Media vehicles used for OOH Advertising are totally different from the media vehicles used for indoor ads. In outdoor advertising, there are a wide range of media vehicles to promote a brand. The range of media vehicles can range from a simple highway billboard to a digital signage at a movie theatre. When it comes to indoor ads, the media vehicles are limited to only some few such as television, radio, print media, internet & mobile. Until and unless, technology gifts advertisers more indoor advertising mediums, indoor ads will be confined to these mediums only.

Difference in advertising approach

OOH Advertising approaches are quite different from indoor ads. In outdoor advertising, what is important is maximum exposure of the brand message so that customers can continuously rely upon the same source. Further, OOH ads cannot be switched off like indoor ads. When you don't want to watch a television commercial, you change the channel. However, in OOH advertising no such thing happens. OOH ads are continuously exposed to advertisers and can never ever be avoided.

Over the years, OOH Advertising has gone through various renovations unlike indoor advertising. Expanding brand advertising expertise through latest and newest means of technologically enriched mediums, OOH Advertising promises advanced and richer brand promotion solutions to advertisers and brand owners in the future.

Outdoor ads create compelling viewership for brands

Outdoor advertising is different from print, broadcast or other types of advertising. Outdoor advertising stays in the public domain and assuredly reaches its target audience in a more effective way. Outdoor ads cannot be switched off like television ads or radio ads, these ads are exposed to people who are on transit mode. Providing compelling viewership, outdoor ads have ‘captured audience' for the brand or service.

Frequency is one distinguishing feature of Outdoor advertising. Most of the outdoor ads work on the principle of frequency. In any outdoor ad campaign, the brand message stays back in the same site or location for a period of weeks or months. Hence, people who walk past or drive by have 80% chances of going through the ad. This creates a familiarity about the brand or service to the customers giving them a brand recall value.

Another important feature of outdoor advertising is location. It is important to decide where the ad should be placed. Outdoor ads are directed to generate brand awareness amongst those target customers who are on the go. Hence, such ads should be placed in certain locations where the same target customers' commute everyday or have chances of commuting for example roadside traffic points, shopping malls, streets, buses etc.

Your brand is precious and unique. So, you should deploy a unique promotion campaign for your brand so that it can create a buzz in the target market. Along with outdoor advertising you can also entrench other tools of brand promotion. No matter which channel of brand promotion you use, what is important is to provide a unique brand communication so that it will drive to sales for your product or service. Advertising campaign cannot alone guarantee sales for your product or service; however, without advertising it is again not possible for a brand to gain recognition in the market and indulge in sales. Hence, advertising cannot be neglected or ignored. For outdoor advertising, it is impossible to avoid outdoor ads considering the fact that outdoor ads provide compelling viewership to audiences.

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