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Should You Use Pavers or Stamped Concrete in San Diego

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Stamped Concrete is basically a method to alter the shape of the concrete into patterns such as tiles, bricks or even something that resemble wood for the patio or pathway. It’s a popular option for landscape contractors in San Diego compared to pavers, which also uses the same method, because of the costs involved. Stamped or decorative concrete can also be customized to fit the requirements or taste of the owner or landscape artist.


Aside from aesthetics, pavers are designed to endure even the harshest weather conditions as well as the heavy weight. They adhere to the industry standard which is around 8,000 psi and pre-fabricated pavers have more than 100 designs available, so the owner can really pick and choose which of the design is best installed on his porch or backyard. The concrete contractors San Diego will also work with the landscapers or the owners to make sure they don’t alter too much the terrain of their environment just to accommodate the pavers.

Pavers offer several benefits:

-          They are stronger than poured cement

-          They are not slippery even when wet, which are ideal to surround your swimming pool

-          Easy to repair

-          They are moisture-resistant

-          They don’t crack

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is thinner compared to pavers and poured concrete. The fabrication is also a delicate process because too hard and it will be very difficult to mold, too weak and the concrete will crack. That’s why it’s important that you deal with companies specializing in stamped concrete in San Diego because they have the experience and track record to deliver quality products on site.

Stamped concrete has several benefits:

-          You have a wide choice of designs and colors

-          They are more inexpensive compared to pavers

-          They come with a seal which protects it from harsh weather conditions

-          You can achieve that natural or organic look

What are the negatives?

It’s important for owners to also know what they are getting into when they decide between pavers or stamped concrete San Diego.  For example, pavers could not be customized so the choice of designs and hues are limited to what the manufacturer offer. If not properly installed, weeds can seep through the pavers. They can also settle on the ground resulting to uneven surface. When it comes to stamped concrete, they can crack if not properly installed. You should also be careful about backing up a large vehicle over the pavement. Quality control can also be an issue so make sure you or with credible concrete contractors in San Diego.

You can talk to concrete contractors in San Diego to better understand the pros and cons of both options.

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