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A Few Popular Semi-precious Stones Used in Chinese Jewelry

by idalinecirillo

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Ancient China used jewelry to indicate a person's power and position in society. Everything from the designs to colors was symbolic. Dragons symbolized power and luck; goldfish presented abundance of gold; phoenix brought fortune; and elements of nature were considered symbols of good luck.

Semi-precious stones were put on for aesthetics and their supposed healing properties. Popular stones such as coral, turquoise, and jade were believed to cure diseases, improve long life, and improve overall health. Below is an easy introduction of the three frequently used semi-precious stones for Chinese jewelry.

In Chinese folklore, dreaming about turquoise is a symbol that something good is going to happen. Called a "living stone", this gem shares the fate of the mortal who owns it. Apart from standing for sky, water, and air wearing it is thought to aid in thwarting wicked forces and in providing the wearer invulnerability. These were also made use of for hair trinkets for the rich and powerful.

Like turquoise, coral is thought to give good luck to the wearer, particularly to females. It was brought from Italy via the Silk Road and was only used by the elites in ancient China. Necklaces made of coral were worn by females and used to adorn idols. Amulet boxes where spells and prayers to ward off evil spirits were adorned by turquoise and coral in the notion that the stones reinforced the amulet's power.

Jade is not only the most popular material for jewelry making, but is likewise known as material for ornamental objects like dishes, combs, and vases. This stone commonly comes in shades of green, while the most unusual and luxurious ones are nearly white. There are also varieties that can be found in orange, pink, brown, blue, and black. In imperial China, jade was more pricey compared to gold. In fact, some leaders of the Han dynasty were buried in suits made up completely of jade because of the idea that these stones have enchanting properties that stop the body from deteriorating.

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