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High Tech Cars in London, Driving is Still a Hands-on Matter

by kyleschmidt

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Are you aware that the latest cars from Audi have self-parking technology, thus bringing us closer to the possibility of a non-human driving future? At a recent exposition in the U.S., Audi showed off the A6 and RS7, both with self-parking technology that grants the car the ability to find its own parking area with the tap of a touch screen button. The fear of parallel parking may soon be a thing of the past if more automobile producers decide to improve this development.

Over the years, technology has grown so sophisticated that it's become capable of carrying out human jobs. Some are afraid that the sluggish yet steady takeover of human tasks may make the tales of Terminator and I, Robot real. Then again, such developments can become convenient features if they can help novices park their London carswithout slamming into various other parked automobiles in the process. However, anything constructed by human hands, like humans themselves, suffers from constraints.

In the end, technological improvements aren't supposed to replace the human factor in driving but to support it. The truth that the user has to press the button on his smart phone to start the process of self-parking is further evidence of this. In addition, the motorist has the ability to take over manually if the car parked too close to the nearby vehicle.

Most motorists will likely say that they appreciate the act of driving. They enjoy controlling, steering, and accelerating the automobile and they would like this ability to remain in their hands. Technology will allow this to occur while additionally stopping motorists from making important errors.

Companies think there's a huge market for high tech car features, however as Audi's chief executive engineer Ricky Hudi clarifies, "Only if the driver is okay with it." Hudi himself admits that he wants control of the wheel most of the time, counting on helpful attributes only when parking or when caught up in severe traffic. Overall, the driving experience stays hands-on.

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