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Top Three Health Benefits of Artificial Grass

by meliscahusay

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Since using of artificial grass became popular not just in commercial areas but also in residential areas, there has been an endless discussion comparing it to the real ones.  Still, a lot people specifically in San Diego are switching from real to synthetic.


Here are some of the reasons for that big switch.


1. Be pest and Insect free


One of the most serious problems that a home could encounter are  insects. Some insects live on different plants while there are some that feed on grass. It has been a common practice for every household to spray insecticides inside the house or sometimes spray pesticides on grass.


While getting rid of the insects could be accomplished by doing this, the pesticide that is sprayed on real grass could also cause serious harm to your family.


Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t require you to use pesticide to get rid of pests and insects. This allows your children and your pets to play on artificial grass without worrying about the harmful effects of these chemicals to your children.


2. Have a  year round playground


Whether there are children or pets at home, a lawn where the you could play or walk on is always a necessity. People need that open space where they are free  to do physical activities or to just simply relax. Having children and pets at home would need additional space outdoor where they can play and do more physical activities.


Since artificial grass has more durability, it allows the whole family to be more active. The even and flat surface of an artificial lawn helps in reducing sports injury  because children could just play without having the risk of stumbling.  


Even if children love to play under the rain, it could be very difficult and dangerous for them to play on a muddy lawn because it is slippery and moving is difficult. Installing a synthetic  grass  or a pet turffor pets  at home enables the whole family use the lawn all year round regardless of the season.


3. The Color Green Effect


Having a green lawn could improve the appearance of any home. But grass and its green color is not just for aesthetic purposes. According to a  study published in Wisegeek , the color green has a relaxing effect, hence it is commonly used in establishments like hospitals to help calm the nerves of the patients.


A house surrounded by a sea of green could benefit from its many psychological advantages. So, it is indeed important  to have a beautiful green  lawn to look at when you go out.  But lawn maintenance require effort and can be costly. So synthetic  grasscan be a very good alternative to  further enhance not just the house’s appearance but also set a calming mood for you and your family.




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