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The Benefits of Picking Dental Implants in Philadelphia

by jamarschaffer

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Like cleaning out the fridge, going to the dentist can be one of the few things that people always delay. It's only when they cannot appreciate eating a soft pretzel or cheese steak that they notice they're due for a dental appointment. At this point, it may be too late and they may need to have a couple of teeth removed and have dentures put in. Getting dentures, particularly at a young age, can be damaging to one's self-esteem. Fortunately patients today have another option--dental implants. To learn more about this method, below are a few of the benefits of getting dental implants in Philadelphia.

Compared with detachable dentures, implants look more like natural teeth. Crowns are created after the dentist makes impressions of the patient's teeth and studies their placement and type. The color is also matched to the patient's natural teeth so they don't only feel, but also appear like they're genuine teeth.

The base of implants is built from titanium, which is positioned into the bone socket of the missing tooth. The jawbone rejuvenates and expands around the metal post throughout six to twelve weeks, therefore securing itself in the jaw. After the base has bonded to the jawbone, a connector post called an abutment is connected to secure the new tooth. Patients who get implants don't need to stress over having difficulty with slurring, chewing, and slipping dentures.

Not like tooth-supported bridges, the proper installation of dental implants will not need a dentist in Philadelphia to decrease neighboring teeth. In fact, the long-term dental health of a patient is strengthened by maintaining as much of his natural teeth intact. Moreover, individual implants allow easy access between teeth which is optimal for flossing and boosting dental hygiene.

A life of taking out dentures and utilizing messy adhesives can be really troublesome. Add to this the embarrassment that comes with having to use dentures, particularly for those who are at the age where they should have healthy teeth. With the evolution of implants, these troubles are a thing of the past.

Not too long ago, bridges and dentures were the only solutions for patients who underwent teeth extractions. Thanks to today's dental implant technology, everyone can opt for a permanent, strong, and hassle-free option to missing teeth. For more information on choosing dental implants, visit

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