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Nursery Décor- Special way of Expressing Your Happiness on t

by Peanutandmore

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Gone are the days when children, with many siblings and cousins, along with their parents, would happily grow up in a single big room, without thinking of hampering personal comfort or privacy. In our modern day society, every child, right from birth, is allotted a private nursery pr a room to himself, thereby safeguarding the privacy of the parents and the comfort zone of the child himself.

With these innovative ideas and modern ideologies, the cost and standard of living of a normal middle class family has also touched great heights in the past decade. The new trend calls for great costs which goes in decorating and doing up the nursery in a unique and attractive manner.

Nursery décor is very gender specific. It largely depends on the sex of the baby who is to utilize the room. The theme, background color, decoration items, cartoon character used for the interiors etc, all get majorly effected considering the fact whether the little one is a baby boy or a baby girl.

To start off effectively and to come out with flying colors, you need to keep certain points in mind while doing up the nursery décor.

  1. Always use soft tones and hues for the décor, be it the walls, ceilings or other interiors.
  2. To make it cost effective and attractive, you can get pages of old story books framed and hung on the walls. These look really nice and are educative as well, as the child grows older.
  3. Always go in for wall papers with soft, classic and large graphic designs which need not be changed or altered even when the child grows a little older. Remember, you cannot change the interiors of the room every now and then. Go in for a long term option rather than making it very age specific.
  4.  Use upholstery which is durable as well as washable. Also, the material should be such that it is not infectious for the little one.
  5. Always keep provision for a dim night light which can be used for bedtime story reading or otherwise. This will not only save your energy bills but will also add to the utility factor.
  6. Do not forget to make arrangement for a daybed as well where the mother can sit and feed or where other children entering the room can feel comfortable while keeping the safety of the newborn intact in his personal cot.
  7. Include a changing table where you can stalk and change diapers and nappies at arm’s reach for your convenience and suitability.
  8. Make extra storage facilities near the crib in a stylish manner so as to add to the beauty as well as the utility of the room. This space comes very handy for storing clothes, lotions, powders and so on.
  9. You can paste glow stars on the ceiling and the side walls which can add to the beauty of the interiors and which can easily be removed at a later stage when the child grows up.

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