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Fashionable and Trendy Ear Warmers Men

by aljonalvarez

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Ear warmers are devices made with a shell of multiple layers of fabric worn by individuals to keep their ears warm or protect them against cold weather conditions. In many countries, they are an ideal wear for cold weather mountain sports and activities like skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and sledding. This is because of their usually triple-layer construction that retains thermal heat, blocks cold wind and wicks of absorbs moisture. If worn by men they are ear warmers men that fit heads of all but many sizes unlike the women’s ear warmers that are about 10% smaller.

You can find ear warmers men in different models and designs including the Chesterfield, TEC Fleece, Metro, Urban, the 180s Fleece Mix Colors, the Football Fan and Navy Furry ear warmers, among others. What appears to be inseparable about them is that most if not all are wind-resistant, made of wool, faux suede or synthetic fabric, fleece or soft fabric shell, or polyester fleece. The original behind-the-head style of ear warmers men is collapsible, adjustable and easy to store, and has a built-in headphone to help the user stay connected no matter how cold the weather may be. This style was launched in 1995 by the Lynn Tilton Company in New York to feature luxurious fabric like the 100% cashmere wool and the hounds-tooth woven pattern of abstract four-pointed shapes for certain types of ear warmers men.

The launching of the behind-the-head style ear warmer, however, has not taken the attention away from what may be considered as the best models so far. One of these ear warmers men is the TEC Fleece model with headphone that continues to be attractive to users because it works well with hats, helmets and glasses and has an adjustable click-to-fit frame that fits various head sizes. In addition, most users know that the materials used for the device are 100% polyester for the outer shell, lining and insulation, and 90% nylon and 10% Spandex or elastic synthetic fiber for binding. The Exolite model on the other hand, has also a triple-layer construction and is perfect for various types of outdoor activities. Its outer shell is 50% polyester, 45% lactel or soft garment and 5% Lycra. An ultra-light ear warmer, it also works with hats, helmets and eyeglasses and helps your ears stay comfortably warm when cold weather strikes when you are performing a sport or you are in your daily life.

The behind-the-head style is one of the best ear warmers men because it does not interfere with your hair, glasses and your hat or helmet. You can find the other best ear warmers that (a) Are sleek and comfortable, (b) Have wind-resistant covers and internal headphones, and (c) Feature built-in audio connections and removable earpieces, and internal speakers that can fold flat for easy and better storage. There could be no better function of your ear warmer than to keep out the blowing wind and cold for your ears while doing your activity outdoors.

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