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Usefulness of Credit Repair Service

by josephhanson

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A credit repair service help you a lot in clean up your bad
credit report for this your rating will definitely improve and you can qualify
for a less expensive loan. These services make great promises which aren't
always fulfilled. You can improve your worthiness, a common term that means
your 3 digit numerical rating from the credit bureaus can improve but it will
take diligent effort on your part. It's important for you to recognize which
credit repair service is legitimate and which is better described as a credit
repair service scam.

If you would take help of the warning signs of illegitimate credit repair services, you can avoid
further financial hardship in future. For instance, never pay in advance for a
promised service. You shouldn’t trust companies those avoid explaining your
legal rights and what you can do for free. Don't be fooled by these services
that want to "sell" you a new identity. Finally, don't follow any finance
repair service advice that is illegal, untrue, or fraudulent---you can be

The fact is that all negative credit information is locked
in and will stay locked unless you have an honest reason to dispute inaccurate
or incomplete information. You are welcome to a free credit report once a year
or anytime within 60 days of someone denying you credit. Any mistakes or
outdated items can be disputed for free by proving (with written documentation)
exactly what the consumer reporting company should change.

You'll need to contact your creditor who made the inaccurate
report so that a correction can be submitted. If you handle yourself, all
documentation and follow-up will be your responsibility, but this service can
help by: pulling credit reports, reviewing for errors, writing and sending
dispute letters, documenting disputes, and keeping track of the whole process.

You can do all of this yourself for free & successfully,
but you may not want to. A credit repair service cannot erase accurate negative
credit information about you. They can't make false claims about these
services. For your protection, all credit repair services must give you a copy
of the "Consumer Credit File Rights" before you sign a contract.

These services contract must specifically outline all services
like the total payments, detailed description of services, how long it takes to
get results, any guarantees claimed, and all of their contact information. Even
so, credit repair services cannot help you for three days after the contract
has been signed so that you have ample time to change your mind. Credit repair
services are not necessarily reputable credit counselors. If you are burdened
by bad credit, there is non-profit credit counseling organizations who can help
you how to manage your finances using all the free information available to

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