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The Use of Sealed Switches for Industrial Manufacturing

by ctielectronics

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Sealed Switches are designed to deliver exceptional output in their lifetime; these switches are installed to support the functioning of industrial processes. The design and make of these switches is truly world class and different from the rest. Several manufacturers offer these switches for a competitive price, it is upto you to decide which brand works perfect in offering you the best deal. This article will provide you with specifications and use of switches, their entire functioning and parts would be stripped down to know more about their presence. Continue reading for full specifications of switches.

Product specifications:

1. These switches are available in aluminum or anodized beige type enclosures. The design and make of these switches adheres to international standards. The user can opt for stainless steel enclosure also.

2. Keys of the switch can withstand 10million cycles, it would actually take years for this switch to be damaged or stop functioning. Use of molded silicon rubber helps in giving feather touch access to the user.

3. 2mm key travel gives the user stress free application, it provides excellent tactile feel in operating this device.

4. Language options are available according to the requirement of the user; he can opt for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish for his needs. All of the mentioned language options are available in QWERTY formant.

5. PS2 or USB interface options are given to the user, based on the technology the user can opt for one of them. Additional cable is provided if the operation area is away from input location.

6. One of the striking features of Sealed Switches is of LED lighting. It is difficult for the user to see and operate the switch in low lighting conditions; LED light provides maximum visual aid to the user. The user can opt for Green or Red LED colors, backlighting at its best.

7. These switches have plug and play type use, they can be easily installed as per the requirement.

8. It carries a shock rating of 50g 11msec three-axis type control. They are totally meant for manufacturing purposes with such features.

9. Another striking feature in the list is of waterproofing options, yes, these custom sealed switches can work in wet environments also. Oils and harsh chemicals do not cast any effect on its performance and output, with the rising trend it is important for such switches to perform in such conditions.

10. Parylene® coating is applied to increase the service life of the switch. Industrial environments do require use of such coating to protect them from temperature changes and hazardous substances. Medical Grade Keyboards are widely users of Parylene® for smooth functioning.

The above-mentioned features of Sealed Switches surely prove to be beneficial in end for most industrial processes. It is important for you to check the manufacturer before purchasing the product. The brand should have reputation in the market.

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