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To Tip or Not to Tip Your Movers?

by anonymous

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Whenever you are working with professionals, the question arises of whether or not to tip once the service is performed, and working with professional movers in Miami is no exception. Although it is customary to tip your movers, especially in the case of a particularly long or difficult move, some moving companies have rules for their movers against accepting tips. If you are in any question as to whether or not it is appropriate to offer your movers a tip following your Miami move, check with the moving company ahead of time to ascertain what is acceptable.  

Obviously, if your movers were rude, unhelpful, or not careful with your belongings, you will be hesitant to offer them a tip. If, however, your move went off without a hitch as you watched your movers load and unload roomfuls of furniture and boxes from one location to another, you may feel as though a tip is an appropriate way to express your appreciation to your movers for a job well done.  

Whereas it is easy to base a tip on percentages when it comes to restaurant dining, such a system may not work so well for your movers, especially since there will inevitably be more than one. A good rule of thumb is to decide ahead of time what you think would be a reasonable amount to tip your movers should the move go well and to have that cash available when you get ready to finish up all the paperwork for the move.  

At the very least, even if you are not prepared or are unwilling to offer your movers a tip at the conclusion of your move, you should at least make sure that you offer the movers water at both the location from which you are moving and at your new destination. This is especially crucial if it is particularly hot. The movers may decline your offer because they may have water on board the moving truck, but they will appreciate you gesture and the fact that you are concerned for their well-being.  

Remember, whatever you are paying the moving company, that is not what each of the individual movers will be receiving. If they have done an excellent job of moving your furniture and your belongings for your Miami move, it is certainly appropriate to tip them as a way of showing your appreciation. If the company has a policy against tipping, you may be able to circumvent that regulation by offering to buy lunch or dinner for your movers once your Miami move is complete.  

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