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Reflective Roof from Any Roofing Company in Miami

by frankcasher

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As temperature levels in the city can rise to more than 90 degrees, August is the time of the year when Miami grows the hottest. Quality roofing must do more than take the full force of high noon if they are to make it through the Florida heat. It must also effectively send out the heat back to space.

A metal roof colored bright works well, but not all want bright colors. The good news is, a reflective pigment (also called a cool roof color material or CRCM) enables any color, dark or bright, to act like a cool roofing. A number of pigment substances such as nickel manganese ferrite blacks and iron chromite brown-blacks are developed with the innate capability to reflect light within the near-infrared spectrum. Any Miami roofing company may offer reflective colors for a metal roofing.

The modern technology was first made use of by the US armed forces where they utilized reflective pigments to paint their automobiles. The pigments were effective in reflecting solar heat, minimizing its heat signature in thermal radar. This also enhanced survivability from heat-seeking ground attack rockets, which counted on a significant heat source to secure on to a target.

Tests executed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory revealed that CRCMs minimize the change in color in roofing systems due to constant heat exposure. A roofing painted with CRCM Black faded at a much slower rate compared to a basic black roofing. Keep in mind that black is hardly a cool roofing, as the color absorbs heat rather than reflects it.

It was learnt that reflective pigments increased the reflectivity of any color by more than 90 percent. Oak Ridge notes that a standard black roofing system only had an R-value of 0.04; however, the value increased to 0.41, more than ten times, when CRCM Black was used. With the reflective roof keeping much of the outdoor heat away, it minimizes the have to switch on the A/C frequently. The long-lasting energy savings that come with reflective pigments make it an essential roof factor.

Ask dealers of roofing supply in Miami about metal roofing with reflective pigments. To learn more about CRCMs, you can check out the full report on

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