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Supersports Motorcycle and Motorcycle Marketing Research

by tyroncaplinger

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The motorcycle market is booming with new launches and segments. An insight into the world of motorcycles would mean you are either looking an inline four’s or V-Twins. Well, the market has seen a considerable rise; it has witnessed changes that are not confined to track use only. There are new inventions done by the Japs and Italians, the output given is more or less the same, there is no huge noticeable difference unless you wish to know the name of beetle you just squished. Specs wise, yes, there is a lot of improvement; features have been revamped to churn out maximum power.

Let us talk about manufacturers who are proving their products in the market; we are talking about Ducati, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, BMW, and Suzuki. The super sports section is crowded with bikes from these manufacturers. With the rising trend of machines on diet, these manufacturers have carefully given their products the best technology that is afforded by customers. Powersports Marketing Research enables the user to understand trends faced in the market.

Characteristics of a Supersport motorcycle
The Yamaha R1 has most of the specs taken from its elder sibling the M1. The M1 is a track bike that consist features like traction control, drive mode, ride by wire technology and customizable ECU. Well, this was just the tip of the iceberg, the real power lies in its engine and overall chassis design. Expect the bike to have forward lean structure launches the motorcycle in no time. Seating posture of the bike does make a difference; the Yamaha R1 has a very aggressive riding structure.

Ducati Panigale has also been a thundering surprise from the Italians. The bike has superb track features that can ignite the racer in you. The Panigale is for those who are into biking and mean serious business; it offers extensive riding features that no biker can resist. Ducati Traction Control Unit is far advanced than its competitors; it provides several drive modes to the user who is a beginner or a chequered flag stealer. Costing of this bike is much more than others; the contributing reason to the pricing is the output that it delivers. It replicates the racer in you with its steering control and throttle response, the Panigale has similar seating posture if compared to other supersport bikes.

CBR 1000RR is one of the best street superbike of all times; it has proven its worth by having maximum sales in its launching year. The Honda CBR 1000RR is pinnacle of technology combined ABS works superb and ensures the rider has full control over the motorcycle. With the new SHOWA Suspension settings, the bike is nimble in corners. Gain dominance on the racetrack with its drive mode, set ablaze with its new-programmed ECU. All of these features contribute in churning three digit speeds in no time.

Motorcycle Marketing Research is beneficial and rockets the market with show stopping details about every manufacturer. It ensures you to get details based on the current trends of the market.