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Considering User Friendly Web Design in Portfolio Websites

by pixpadesign

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A portfolio is your showcase of all your work. This is a place where you showcase all your work and earn appreciation amongst people. You use your online portfolio to attract potential customers, here you are always so professional and try to show that you will be able to give all the support that they need. And that you have the ability to produce that are in their minds.

First Impression is the last impression

The good old saying comes into play. Your portfolio will showcase you intensions as a designer and will elevate you as a brand. Give you more exposure to the world market. Market you to your prospective and potential clients. So when they come to your website and see that you have a horrible portfolio, they will simply leave. The task here is to create such a stunning and breathtaking profile that they will be stung with your awesomeness on the design industry and will say in mind, “gosh, I want him to do my work too”

Create a section for existing clients

This is really an appealing idea. This will show your prospective and potential clients that how much you are dedicated for your work and the offers and the quality of service they will get if they hire you. Plus you will not lose your existing clients, as retaining the old clients is the main deal in here, you will have to work extensively hard to keep them happy and work with you in the future. But however, when you are providing such innovative things that the others are not, you will get more of your clients returning back to you.

Create a contact page

This is essential and a big mistake that a lot of designers make. You need to create a contact page or dedicate a page through which they can contact you. Or just make a page, including your email address, phone number, etc.
Integrate with social media

You simply cannot afford to skip this process if you are thinking about marketing your page at the right level.Social media is vital and will bring you a lot of traffic, eventually with the right measure of conversion, you will be able to turn them into your potential clients. Another reason of using social media is because you can keep your presence strong in the market. Keep updating items in the social media and let people know what are you doing will bring you a lot of external impression as a designer.

Do not include a donation button or include ads

I have come across a lot of portfolios where people add donation buttons. This does nothing but surprise me that the designer is not delivering anything for free. Neither that designer is designing something open source, so why will they want donation. Another wrong step by designers is that they include ads on their page. This is very unprofessional. Remember, this portfolio website is here to publicize you. Not for you to make money out of it.

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