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Why a Spray Booth is Necessary

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If you have ever wanted to paint something perfectly that would also look good and last, then you probably wished you had a professional spray booth to do it in. Spray booths contain the paint and provide a particle-free zone to paint in which is critical if you want whatever you are painting to have a flawless finish. All car manufacturers use booths like this but it is not something that is only found in the automotive industry. Spray booths are also used by the air craft industry, heavy-duty equipment manufacturers and even those who specialize in much smaller items, say golf balls, which are produced at a high volume. If you think about it, a lot of items purchased everyday require paint, whether you are purchasing a vehicle or a metal bed frame or a swing set. In order to produce high-quality results with professional products, manufacturers use paint booths to isolate their products and apply paint. Grabbing a few cans of spray paint and tackling products on the manufacturing floor is no way to produce a top-tier product. Without a spray booth, you risk particulates settling on top of the paint before it dries which will create a rough, flawed surface.

In major industries such as aerospace, automotive and large equipment, a perfect paint job is not only for visual appeal – paint actually protects these machines from the environment. Steel and other metals oxidize or rust when exposed to oxygen and water. In order to prolong the life of these extremely expensive pieces of equipment, paint is applied to act as a barrier between the metal and the air. This is why if you get a scratch on your car, you should have it repaired quickly. The longer the bare metal is exposed to the air, the greater your chances of rust occurring. Once rust is formed, it will spread to areas of the metal covered by the paint because the oxidization will move beneath the surface of the paint quite easily. This is a major reason why this equipment is painted within the clean environment of a spray booth.  Any imperfection in the surface of the paint weakens the overall integrity of the entire surface.

If a few particles of dust or perhaps a metal shaving get underneath the paint job, those compromised areas are far more likely to chip off because the paint is not actually bonded with the surface of the equipment but instead is bonded to the dust or shaving – this bond is weak. Think of it as trying to tape a picture to a dusty wall, the tape will  not adhere to the wall, it rather adheres to the dust and the picture falls. This is the same principle with paint which is why painting in a spray booth is optimal to  work on expensive equipment that needs to last. 

If you are in an industry that produces major equipment or even if you just restore classic cars as a hobby, a custom spray booth should be part of your work space. They can be made in all different sizes to accommodate any piece of equipment, so there is no excuse for not installing one and producing top quality products.

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