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All about hotmail

by liyo89

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Emails are one of the inevitable parts of our life and we cannot imagine our life without emails. As the numbers of users keep on increasing and hence many email providers are entering in the market. But, out of many Hotmail is considered to be the best. Started in the 1996, hotmail was created by the Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and after serving for a year they sold it to Microsoft. From that day to now hotmail is owned by Microsoft.


Hotmail is one of the best email service providers which are known for its security and other features like MSN messenger. Ever since the hotmail is acquired by Microsoft it got the name MSN Hotmail. Though both are same, but it would be better if you refer it to its new name i.e. to MSN hotmail. Initially the hotmail was offering very low space, but after being the part of the Microsoft family, hotmail undergoes lots of changes. Now, with hotmail you will be getting n numbers of products of Microsoft and through hotmail you can even use sky drive. Hotmail is popular for its security reasons and most of users believe that it is the most secured email. With Ajax security available at each step it is surely a secure email service provider.


Like other email service providers hotmail is also free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to use the service of MSN hotmail. In order to login Hotmail (Iniciar sesion hotmail) email services you must have to sign up on to hotmail. When you click the sign up button, then a form arrives in front of you which ask you the basic details such as name, sex, address, location, etc. and it also contains a section for desired email id and password. To get the desired email id all you have to do is to write it on the desired email id section and if the email id is available, then it will be given to you. In case it’s not available, then you have to consider other options.


Hotmail is available in 36 languages and hence you can use it in a language which is easier for you to understand. Moreover, if you are having some problems in using hotmail, then you can use websites like correoinciarsesion which will help you in getting the help. So start using hotmail now and enjoy the services offered by Microsoft.



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