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Toy Makers Show Their Hot Toys 2013

by christmastoyss

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Toy Makers were on hand to show off their hot toys 2013 at a recent Toy Fair. We had a blast looking at all the toys. There was everything from cool Lego sets to new dolls. While there were a lot of toys at the show, there were a few gems on the show floor for both boys and girls. We have seen jewelry sets before but Color Splasherz from the Maya Group was incredibly innovative. While there were Barbie dolls and Monster High dolls at the show, Pinkie Cooper And The Jet Set Pets really offered something different in the fashion doll category. In fact, here are a few toys that we wanted to take home with us.

Color Splasherz

Girls could always create their own jewelry, but Color Splasherz from the Maya Group is a little different for what we have seen before.  This jewelry will change color when it is placed in hot or cold water. The best part is that the jewelry will hold the color until you reverse the temperature. Most jewelry sets before would let you change the color only temporarily. Colors look bold and vibrant. You can even paint intricate details on the jewelry using ice pens. The Ice Station allows girls to randomly paint their jewelry using ice cubes. Just put ice in the tumbler and the jewelry you want to paint inside. Then turn the crank and you will get an abstract design on the jewelry.

Xploderz X2

Xploderz X2 improves both the distance and capacity of the previous blasters in the line. The Xploderz line uses innovative ammo. Soak the ammo in water for about 3 hours and the ammo grows. The ammo will explode and dissolve on impact. 

Pinkie Cooper And The Jet Set Pets

Here is one of the most unique dolls that we have seen this year. It is created by Carter Bryant, who created the Bratz line. They have a unique look that combines dogs with girls. Pinky Cooper is a fashionista who goes to fashion school with her friends. Each doll in the line contains a pet. You can mix and match their hair and fashion accessories.

Flying Heroes

Flying Heroes is a new way to play with our favorite super heroes. The toys in this line can actually fly. It is fun to watch our favorite comic book characters like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or Captain America take flight. Just load the superhero into the launcher and pull the string to launch your super hero into the sky. 

Hobbit Toys

Bridge Direct is releasing new characters in its Hobbit line to keep up with the new movie's release. These characters will complete the epic journey of the dwarves.  There will be new Hobbit dwarves, a Wizard, and villains. Kids can also be the Hobbits with the new role playing toys such as the glowing Sting sword.

What toys impressed you the most and made your hot toys 2013 list? Let us know what you think about these toys below.

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