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All About Collecting Stamps

by anonymous

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Philately may not be heard too often but it has been counted among the oldest hobbies. This hobby requires the individual to spend a lot of time investigating and learning about a number of aspects relating to stamps. You will be surprised to know that this stamp collecting hobby has no age limit. It is seen across all age groups and all kinds of people. This article discusses about the different facets of stamps collection.


Stamps Collector

Collecting stamps is one of the most productive hobbies. The individual gets to learn about the history, geography and culture of different places depending on the area of interest. Apart from this you get to know about the different stamps that are available. Definitive stamps are the most known types which are normally used for postal purposes. Military and Official stamps are used specifically for military and government purposes respectively. Apart from this you also have another two types which are special stamps and commemorative stamps which are sold for a limited time and will be related to specific events or heroes. Grading these stamps is another interesting activity. Stamps are very valuable items for each of these collectors, not just because of the price but because of the rarity and peculiarity of them. Only the commonly used ones can be bought easily, others are very difficult to come across. You may also choose to consider it as an investment as some of these rare stamps can bring you a lot of money in the international market. But this is not a common practice among individuals who collect stamps.


Selecting Right Stamp Dealers

When choosing a dealer it is important to consider the honesty and integrity of the individual or firm. You require knowing their credibility and the genuineness of the stamps for sale. They should be professionals who share your interest in collecting stamps. Most of these dealers have online stores which are accessible to you from anywhere across the globe. You will find an exhaustive collection of stamps with them sorted under different categories. You can browse through the categories you are interested in and make purchases online. With reputed dealers you also get opportunities to take part in online auctions where the rarest stamps will be brought out. Finding a trustworthy dealer can go a long way in ensuring that the stamps you have collected are original.


Preserve Your Stamps

It is important that you handle these stamps with care. It is suggested that you use stamp tongs to handle them as using hands in the long run may lead to damaging them. You will also require having a stamp book to keep your stamps. It is important to handle these stamps appropriately to ensure that the fine marks on them remain intact like registration, post marks etc.

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