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The Reason behind growing frequency of Skin Cancer in humans

by anonymous

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Are you suffering from skin cancer as you spend most of your time under sun and blaming the sun for this deadly disease? No matter what we hear, in most cases those things are not right although we consider sun as our foe and the main reason of skin cancer.

We have been trying to avoid sun for several years. We look for shade, apply sunscreen lotions on our body, and behave as we have nothing to do with sun. Still, after all these precautions we see growing frequency of skin cancer.

Sun is the major reason we have life on our Earth. But still it has so much bad impression in the minds of millions of people. It is just a few years that this disease of skin cancer has started showing up. But this disease has created many business opportunities all over the world. There are many skin cancer clinics now all over the world where skin cancer treatment is provided.   

We should accept the fact that sun has nothing to do with the disease. It is an elixir of our life which is rejuvenating us everyday and without which any living organism may not have existed including plants.  We can’t blame it entirely for skin cancer issues as it is the same old sun and the atmospheric layer containing ozone saves us from harmful UV rays of the sun which is the only reason life doesn’t exist in Antarctica. We have to figure out the main reason behind skin cancer.

Cancer is such a disease which can grow on any parts of our body where there is discomfort. We know unreasonable sunlight causes discomfort defaces our skin which may be caused by various other reasons. There has been radical change in our eating habits in the last few years and with growing economy, the consumption of poor quality diet is causing skin cancer which also comprises of melanomas.

We require sun in our daily life as it has immense curing abilities. If we take few minutes of sunlight everyday on our skin, it can cure cancer instead of causing it. It provides us Vitamin D which is used by our body to store the nutrients we get from foods, specifically calcium which is very vital for any cancer patient. It is also helpful improper maintenance of our teeth and bones. We can also get vitamin D from fish oil, yolk of egg and also liver of animals. Milk also provides Vitamin D to some extent.

The traditional treatment method of this disease emphasizes on signs of skin cancer, which is growth of that cancer. The root of the disease should be detected first. That root should be terminated and the disease will never make a return again. But it do returns because surgery is not the solution, neither is chemotherapy or radiation treatment. It doesn’t terminate its root but only controls its growth. There is no alternative to healthy nutritious food, not even medical science.

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