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Think Thick for Hand Grip

by MaximeLacroix

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Develop all facets of grip strength with 1 simple add on to your exercises and the results will blow you away


Why do people give attention to increasing hand grip strength? What good would it do to you if you pay additional attention in getting your hand grip improved?


For a determined bodybuilder or any athlete, hand grip is extremely important as it plays a very significant role in their training. While for those who are engaged in sports that require strong hand grip such as basketball, football, grappling or any Olympic lifts, good hand grip is definitely an asset which they need to take good care of to increase performance.


For regular people who often struggle with their grip in everyday activities or people sensible to wrist and elbow tendinitis, you might want to take time and read this article to know the importance of having good grip and how to be able to improve your overall fitness which includes good hand grip.


In this article, we shall be talking about two (2) important segments. The first one will be about the four (4) hand grip strength that you need to focus on and the second one would be the different types of fun workouts that will help you improve hand grip strength.



There are several kinds of hand grip strength.


  1. The Crush: This is experienced when you are giving someone a firm and hard handshake.

  2. Support Grip: This is the type of grip strength wherein your grip is being sustained over a period of time like holding a handle for a long period of time.

  3. The Pinch: When an object is being grasped and lifted in between your fingers then pinch grip strength is being exerted. The force in this type of grip strength is mainly focused on your thumb and fingers.

  4. Wrist Stabilization: Lifting any kinds of object and is kept in level is a good example of exertion of wrist strength. This may be a bit different from grip strength but having good wrist strength is deemed necessary in keeping a good hand grip.


There are four popular exercises to improve hand grip following the four different types of hand grip strength mentioned above.


Here are the four (4) workouts that will help you improve your hand grip strength.


  1. The crush: You can work this facet of your training by using grippers. The objective is to squeeze them so that the handles come in contact. If you don't have access to grippers, you can squeeze a tennis ball.

  2. Support Grip: This is best achieved by lifting a thick bar. Because the handle is thicker, it is much harder to hold it for a sustained period of time.

  3. The Pinch: This is done by superposing a few plates with the smooth side out and to hold them as long as you can.

  4. Wrist stabilization: This can be achieved by challenging your grip in different plane of motions. Reverse curls, hammer curls and biceps curls all challenge your wrist in a different plane of motion. To extend the effect of the weights, try plate curls. This is achieved by doing normal curls but by holding horizontally a plate in your hand instead of a bar.


Best overall hand grip training:


The best overall hand grip exercise that can challenge all types of grip strength at the same time is thick bar training.


By training with a thick bar or thick grip, you challenge all types of hand grip strength mentioned in this article and you save time since you simply do your regular workouts with the thicker handle. Because you exercise in different plane of motions (horizontal and vertical pushing/ pulling), you target all facets of grip strength and don't need extra exercises to take care of your hand grip strength.



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