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A free leader board application.

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Welcome to Salesboard - the ultimate tool for inspiring better performance out of your sales team. A free leader board application based on an advanced gaming platform and inspired by credible sales motivational techniques, Salesboard lets your employees share, compare and compete so they can boost their performance effectively. 

Sounds complicated? It’s really not. Essentially, it’s a transparent sales environment that allows everyone to see where they stand when compared with others. Naturally, this creates the spirit of healthy competition, with each one wanting to out perform and meet fresh targets. 

<a href=><b>Salesboard</b></a>  becomes the one place where your employees can easily access information they have always wanted to know. It’s a fun way to share progress, set new targets, inspire and learn from each other. Progress that can be tracked and observed becomes a powerful incentive to go that extra mile and excel. 

Constant work pressure and low morale can lead to your employees complaining. Often this can be about not getting credit where it’s due. This generally creates the atmosphere where no one is inspired to work harder. 

That’s exactly why Salesboard lets you reward and recognize the top performers in your company. In other words, you will be able to highlight star performers on the application and let everyone see your acknowledgement. Boom! Your best workers are motivated to work even harder. Plus, the others push themselves more to get to the top.  Your team can even accumulate SalescoinsTM, Badges and Awards, and redeem them for in-game virtual or physical goods and services. Just another great way to get them to keep pressing on. 

Through Salesboard your team will proactively share their progress and metrics, be curious about each other’s growth and movement. This helps create a Socially Competitive Environment which is inclusive as well as stimulating. All you need to do is set benchmarks and watch your team excel. 

Before you know it, you’ll notice that your team has become more focused, more driven, even has a greater vision. What’s more, this enthusiasm will be self-motivated, that is to say you won’t have to remind your team again and again about their goals and targets. And that can only mean more revenue for your company. Visit our video guide:



 We believe that a truly transparent sales environment stimulates success - recognizing all performance (good or bad) creates healthy competition and provides a powerful incentive for sales people to excel. Our aim is to provide a <a href=><b>Free Leader Board Application</b></a> that enables sales people to Record, Share and Compare their success. To know more about Free Leader Board Application pleases mail


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    Take the advantage of a unique web based sales management software which includes tools to measure and share sales productivity and simplifies sales process. Maximize your sales success with an interactive Leader board application.

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