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Pneumatic Conveying System Manufacturer

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There are various types of industrial conveyors available in the market. Pneumatic conveyor is a variety of conveyor that is being lately used in many industries. The device is mechanical in nature. It uses the pressure of air to transport huge volume of materials from one spot to another. To carry out the whole procedure it uses ducts and tubes. Pneumatic conveying system India is a type of product that is being used in many industries. The conveying systems are of different types. The customer can choose it according to his requirement.

Pneumatic conveying system manufacturer has come up with different types of conveyors. They serve various kinds of purposes. They have been named according to their function. For example accumulating conveyor is a type of conveyor that is used to collect the materials. Then they are transported from the source to the destination.

Let's take a look at the different types of Pneumatic conveying system India that are usually used in the industries. Pneumatic conveyors can be classified into automatic conveyors,

l  Can Conveyors: These are mainly used in those industries where cans is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process.

l  Magnetic chip conveyors: this type of conveyor is mainly used where iron chips are manufactured. The main function of this specific type of conveyor is to collect the iron chips. The chips are collected while they pass through the coolant. The chips are usually collected with the help of a drum or a trolley. The top surface of most of the conveyors is made out of stainless steel. This is very important as it will reduce the amount wear and tear. The magnetic conveyor has been named so because there are many magnets inside the belt. The impurities that are found in the iron ore are removed by the magnets. There are some special components attached to the system. Bobbing and broaching machines are used to carry out some special task.

l  Submerged conveyor: This type of pneumatic conveyor has become very popular in the market recently. They have proved to be very useful in handling coal and ash combustions. The main components of a submerged conveyor are a water seal and a scraper. Between these two components a tough is fixed. This part of the conveyor system is the most essential part. It prevents the interior of the furnace from getting exposed to the atmosphere. Another important component of the submerged conveyor is the hydraulic actuator. The conveyor needs to be maintained and serviced regularly so that it functions properly. The hydraulic actuator assists in the easy removal of the system.

l  Roller conveyor: Pneumatic conveying system manufacturer manufactures another type of conveyor called roller conveyor. It has found immense use in various types of industries. It is mainly used to move goods from one point to other. The conveyor works by moving up and down. It has movement follows a horizontal inclination. Roller conveyors are mostly useful in applications which are heavy duty in nature. They can be also successfully employed where huge volumes of material are handled.

Pneumatic conveying system exporter provides conveyors that are durable. The conveyors can be also adjusted depending on the height, length and width of the installation place. The operational cost of the conveyors is also low. For more details visit our website:

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