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SEO Copywriting Gets Attention

by anonymous

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Just who is out there online, anyway? Everyone. People from all over the world and in all age groups are lurking around online. What are they doing and what does it matter? It matters because you want some of those clickers and searchers to be clicking on your site. How do you get them there, and more importantly, keep them there? There are some tricks - but the most important ones are to bring them to into your site with good SEO copywriting, and keep their interest with quality content. Searching is the most common online activity after email and it is done by all age groups. The best part about an audience that is searching for something is that they are focused on what they are looking for. They are not surfing or flittering without purpose, they are looking specifically for something that they already want to buy. So, they want you to get their attention and with the right keywords chosen to promote your site and good SEO copywriting to bring your site to the top, you will have their attention.

How do you get into the top-ten list? Before you can get the attention of the shoppers, you need the attention of the spiders. The spiders are the infamous search codes that go exploring around the web, following the trail of websites from link to link. They are attracted by keywords and when they find some, they log them into the big giant master web for all to see. SEO copywriting makes sure that you have the right keywords for them to find. But SEO copywriting can be a little bit tricky. You want to make sure you have enough keywords to please the spiders. They love keywords, those spiders, and you can’t have too many to please them. The problem is that the spiders are not your customers. Your customers don’t respond as happily to too many keywords stuffed into one article. It seems a little in-genuine. Search engine managers feel the same way and have set some guidelines. Good copywriting shows attention to both parts. There should be keywords for the spiders to find, but not so many that the customers don’t want to keep reading.

Content is the next thing to focus on. Your content has to contain the keywords, but still be interesting and entertaining to the reader. In fact, ideally, you want to produce excellent content that people enjoy so much that they like, you, link to you and tweet about you. When they link to you, you get attention from other people and from the spiders as well. If you want your content to capture their attention, you need good quality writing and SEO copywriting that optimizes that content to your actual and electronic audience.

“But, damn it, Jim!” You say. “I’m a dentist/lawyer/mechanic, not a writer. How am I supposed to write well enough to get people to care and figure out this SEO thing?” Simple. You hire someone to do it for you.

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