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The HS railway has made travel across the country even easie

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Britain’s government is considering expanding its high speed railway networks- known as HS2 lines- across the nation after seeing success in the South East. The first stage will connect the capital to Birmingham, and stage two will see Manchester and Leeds added to the growing list of cities given an economic boost by the presence of the new lines. This is great news for escorts in Manchester and other industries that make the most of visitors. There is unlikely to be a sudden surge of foreign tourism to the areas, but a lot more UK residents will consider taking weekend breaks in these locations now that their journey times have effectively been halved. Of course, it will also bring an influx of visitors to the major major football clubs of the North and Manchester City will surely be ecstatic that their success has come at a time where any new fans they attract will be able to come see a game without long journeys.

The current high speed train has done a fantastic job linking London to Kent, saving time and effort for commuters and making the capital more accessible to those arriving in Dover and Ashford. It was an integral part of the 2012 summer games, with the link at Stratford helping to alleviate the stress that would have previously overwhelmed London’s transport networks. Many from the garden of England have benefitted from the quicker commutes and accessibility of the capital. Taking a trip to Stratford City, the enormous shopping centre in Stratford, is now less than an hour away. Just ten years ago, such a thing would have been unimaginable but now it seems to be an almost everyday occurrence.

This is perhaps the only real disadvantage of everything being so connected. Are people really going to support local business and take a 30 minute bus to the local big town, when they could just hop on a train and enjoy one of the best shopping experiences in the country in no time at all? Similarly, are the new wave of City and United fans from the south going to be giving anywhere as much to the Manchester economy as the ones before? Previously, a man would take a train up in the morning, make a real day out of things, have a look round, a drink or two or three, spend a little time with an escort in Manchester city centre, go to the game, toast their success or drown their sorrows, and then stay in a hotel, before returning the next day. It was a treat, something to be savoured and enjoyed, so they would often splash out on extra luxuries. Now, there’s a very definite risk of them setting out a few hours before kick off, watching the game and going home. Only time will tell if everything becoming ordinary will strip all the value from it.

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