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Tours to Israel: What To Do When You Get There

by constancetodd

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Israel is a country that's widely known for its proud Jewish heritage; it's nearly the one main point that crosses the minds of most non-Jewish people. Although a source of dispute for some other nations, Israel continues to be an economic powerhouse and a hub for all Jews around the world. The nation, widely known for its religious spots, is also quite the tourist destination.
Jews and Christians from around the globe are drawn to Israel for its importance on their beliefs. But religious beliefs aside, there are many other impressive things to discover about Israel that visitors have yet to scratch the surface of. To experience these things, tourists must join unique tours to Israel that present the nation's culture.

One of the most ideal ways to experience a culture is to feast on its food. Outside of Jewish neighborhoods, not much is known about their traditional foods other than the common kosher labeling. Israeli cuisine is a great fusion of traditional Jewish fare, such as bread and vegetables, with the tastes of its neighbors like Polish kneidl, Russian borscht, hummus, etc. A meal is just one of the greatest ways to learn about the distinctive culture of Israel, and a good travel package deal have to include a visit to the local eatery.

Dining isn't the only thing tourists ought to do. They have to check out the attractions too. Jewish or not, tourists should see spots of Hebrew and/or Jewish relevance, such as the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, to better learn about their culture. It would help to join historic tours in Israel to better understand the tale and worth of these prized areas.

Experiencing the natural wonders of Israel is also recommended for travelers. Other than visiting the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee, the country has more than 60 national parks and almost 200 nature reserves. A lot of people come for the Christian-related areas in Israel, but they're losing out on the natural exquisiteness of the country.

There's more to Israel than just Jerusalem and a hotly-contested border. Visitors have to try taking a tour package deal that's out of the ordinary to experience Israel like never before. For some more travel suggestions to Israel, visit

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