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Paris for Lovers: Rent An Apartment In Paris

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If you seek a romantic destination, one that will truly impress you and your companion, your best bet is most definitely Paris, France. No other capital in the world has managed to wear the title of "City of Love" as magnificently as this bustling French capital. If you have been planning to make Paris your honeymoon destination, wedding venue, rendezvous for an engagement party, or simply, a place where you can express your feelings to the one you love, you will never go wrong with such a choice. Like fine wine, Paris' reputation as the world's most romantic city only keeps on getting better, year after year.

While every nook, cranny, curb and cobbled pathway in Paris is has its romantic feature, there are still a few districts in this city that offer a magical environment ideal for couples. Every capital has its a commercialized avenue, and Paris is no exception, but for tourists on a romantic escapade, choosing a vacation rental in Paris that is located in any of these romantic neighborhoods will surely make your excursion more memorable.

1. Near Tour Eiffel, Suffren and Champs de Mars in the 7th District

On its own, the height, graceful structure, and mystic charm of the Eiffel Tower has easily made the 7th district as one of Paris' most romantic addresses for a Paris vacation rental. A rent apartment Paris is within your reach and, within this district means you are treated to a view of this metallic beauty as soon as you wake up. The Seine river in the backdrop accompanied by the greenery and flora around the Tour Eiffel grounds also makes for a romantic scenery. When not out and about the city, you can always go for a walk by the riverside, along the gardens that surround the Seine.

2. The Fashionable Marais in the 3rd and 4th districts – Great Paris Vacation Rental

Marais, or the "marsh", is known among Parisians as a very fashionable avenue, one that is lined with high-end boutiques and shops, as well as Michelin-starred restaurants and cafes. The Marais is a favorite among couples on honeymoon mainly because the whole avenue is filled with stores where one can find beautiful gifts for one's partner, like jewelry, clothes, and fashion designer couture.

3. Montmartre, Home of Paris' artists' – Where is the Best Place To Rent an Apartment in Paris?

For couples who are more artistic and creative, the bustling Montmartre avenue, which also serves as the home to Paris' homegrown artists, is the perfect place to find a vacation rental in Paris. Since Montmartre is not located within the city center, apartments here are priced less than those located in Paris' busier areas. Finding a venue for your date will not be a problem around here: When you walk through the Montmartre avenue, you will find affordable cafes and restaurants, as well as artists selling their paintings or sketches.

4. Stay closer to history in Place de La Republique, in the 11th district

If you have always enjoyed French history, choosing a vacation rental in Paris found anywhere along the 11th district is ideal for your preferences. This section of Paris is not as touristy as other arrondissements, but it can get really festive in this area, especially during Bastille Day and New Year's Eve, when young adults gather on the grounds of Place de la Republique to have fun.

5. Budget-friendly Paris Vacation Rental in the Latin Quarter

Cash-trapped or are you simply on a budget? The vacation rentals in the Latin Quarter may be affordable, but the neighborhood is perfect for young couples to hang out at. There are affordable cafes and restaurants here, so you can enjoy meals without having to break the bank. For a more affordable, yet romantic and memorable, vacation rental in Paris, the Latin Quarter is your best pick.

6. Sleep well in the heart of Paris, the 1st district

The heart of Paris is often very busy but if you have always wanted to stay near the Louvre or within vicinity of the most popular landmarks in Paris, nothing beats booking a Paris vacation rental in Paris, especially in the 1st district. This arrondissement is blessed with a comfortable walking distance to the Palais Royal, seat of the French president, and Musee du Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa.

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