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How to Deals with Magazine Subscription Management

by anonymous

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Generally magazines are released on a regular scheduled basis such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. They contain a variety of data which is in the form of facts and figures. A group of number of articles written by various writers is a collectively known as a magazine.

In the past they were distributed by post, from newsstands, bookstores. Now day's magazines reach to readers through mail. It is become the most likely, fast and cheaper medium to distribute the magazine to subscribers. It is defined in three models first one is in paid circle, second is non-paid circle, and third is controlled circle. In a paid circle magazines are sold out by paid. In non paid circle we don't have to pay for cover. An example is TNT magazine from UK and Australia. Controlled circle is made for industrial purpose and distributed to specific readers.

If you are the distributer of various kinds of magazines like art magazines, news magazines, computer magazines, business magazines etc, you handle a lot of subscribers. You have to manage these subscribers. You manage this either through manually or electrical system like computers. To manage the magazine subscribers there is a need for computer software through which we can easily manage subscribers. Magazine subscription management software includes subscriber period, payment management, renewal alerts, subscriber's reports, remainders, advertise management for magazine.

The software which is developed keeping in mind the above features is considered as subscription management software. The core functionality behind this site is the magazine subscription management system. It is a system that they could manage multi term subscriptions, reminders, renewals, mailing information and full reporting.

This software helps you to manage subscribers and membership. You can use this software for managing subscribers, multiple magazine profiles, and multiple subscriptions for multiple subscribers. With this application you will be able to print stickers for the valid subscribers and for those subscribers are near to finish their subscription alerts will be generated. We can develop thou knows application as per clients requirement as well.

This magazine subscription management software prints system generated address labels (for subscribers) each month. When the subscription ends, no label will be printed for the subscriber. For last 3 months of the subscription period, an additional message will be printed on the address label - 'Please Renew Subscription'. The address labels will be printed city-wise. The system is capable of automatically printing stickers for the valid subscribers (annual) and also offers reminders to them through alerts during the last three months on stickers itself.

Past magazine concept emerged with today's webzine concept. This webzines are meets the peoples through internet and web so that it is called as webzine. This specialized concept generally used for newsletters and small types of magazines which is reach towards the people through emails. This online magazine refers as an "electronic magazine". This is the fast and reliable way to distribute our magazine among the subscribers. With this way you can immediately get feedback from clients whether magazine reach or not. A subscriber immediately gives the response about article whether in is good or bad.

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