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Start Awareness of Animal Rights

by halabolteam

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How humans treat the vulnerable in their society describes their morality. We regard those who engage in false imprisonment, slavery, human sacrifice etc., as barbaric. We ease our collective conscious with legislation to put off brutality to animals, yet our justice system hardly ever applies the full strength obtainable to the law in cases of cruelty, neglect or maltreatment. Animal rights awareness is necessary for everyone.

It is naïve to think that the penalties, which are available, will stop animal cruelty cases from occurring by better application, however, enforcing stronger penalties will certainly help deter potential offenders and the less scrupulous commercial exploiters of animals. Cases of animal cruelty are no different from other forms of crimes. Our community has a range of factors because of which the continued maltreatment and exploitation of animals persists. These include the judicial system’s lack of determination.

In one way or another, a large part of our lives entwined with domesticated animals, whether as owners or consumers. It is required to ensure that those creatures that lay their lives down for us is at least humanitarianly treated, respect animal rights and even though we utilize them, we have a responsibility to minimize our unkindness and insensitivity towards them. As concerned citizens, we have a responsibility to make sure that our elected representatives are as answerable in this area of community life, as in any other. It is their responsibility to make sure that the community's prospects are met. Inhumane treatment of animals in our community is something that is not good enough to tolerate or ignore. We should mould our mind-set towards the poor handling of animals.

The reality of human society is that we do have to make the most of animals for commercial gain and food; that is not the issue. The manner in which those animals are being treated as part of our exploitation is the real issue. Animal rights are being violated. It is not acceptable that animals are slaughtered callously or with unwarranted cruelty, when we have at our disposal, so many alternatives to do it humanely. Additionally, there is no excuse for breeding or maintaining animals in sub-standard conditions.

The internet has the prospect to take part in a authoritative responsibility in making sure animals are better treated than they have been, not only by distributing cases of mistreatment to wider audiences, but also in prompting lobby groups and social media to aggressively persuade Government bodies to be more enthusiastic in accommodating accountability, for the humane treatment of animals. Animals, as receptive beings, have shared life with us since our birth. They became food for us, means of amusement, protector and so on. In spite of the fact that animals have not really interfered with our lives, we for reasons like research and making products are resorting to ruthless use of them. Centuries have passed of exploitation and discrimination; we must now discern the value and worth of non-human beings and respect animal rights.


About Author:-

Halabol is an online platform which aims at bringing likeminded people together and making an impact collectively. Thus, help in supporting and solving various social problems which we rather neglect otherwise. Members of team Halabol have written several articles on issues related to social work, environment, minorities, education etc. to create awareness among people. Here in this write-up one can get to know how to protect innocent animals through animal rights.


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