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Only Certified Safe RVs from RV Dealers in Red Deer

by rosalindarudloff

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Trailers and motor homes in Canada must comply with CSA standards, getting marked with the CSA logo and being ready for the road. More often than not, standards always make sure that life is great for every man, woman, and child on the planet. With U.S. and Canada striving to make their own industry standards compatible with each other, life just got better.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is the authority in branding trailers and other RVs sold by RV dealers in Red Deer. The association makes sure that these vehicle operators are compliant with standards. With the effort to make American and Canadian standards compatible, trailers can be certified in both countries despite several differences in the standardization system. The CSA logo can be seen on the RV itself, as well as on the appliances inside the vehicle. . You can go to the CSA website for a clear picture of the logo.

RV manufacturers in Canada follow the CSA Z240, which covers all kinds of RVs except park model trailers (Z241 covers such trailers). In a nutshell, the Z240 explains the standard specs, namely dimensions, and safety requirements to prevent the loss of life from various accidents. The standards range from the size of the RV to the wiring layout.

Dimensions and other measurements, as per the Z240, will be expressed in SI (metric) units for easy reference. Getting the size right is a good start in designing and building quality trailers or motor homes RV dealers in Red Deer sell. The size of the body will determine what goes inside and how big they should be.

If the trailer or motor home in question was built in Canada, you may also see a CRVA logo on the doorway. The Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) brands their logo on RVs that meet the Z240 standards, especially in the areas of fuel, vehicle, electrical, and plumbing. It’s not just RV manufacturers that need to conform to standards but also those who make the parts and accessories. Always keep in mind that a good RV is a safe one.

For more information about RV standards in Canada, visit the websites at and You can also visit the CSA and CRVA websites at and

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